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Mom, Are We Rich?

By · July 8, 2008 · Filed in Think & Grow Rich




My 6 year old son, Jayden, asks me this question all the time. Of course his definition of rich relates to only money. We have a 4,000 square foot house so maybe he thinks in terms of the size of our house as well but for the most part he refers to money. I told him there are many ways to be rich such as rich because you have a lot of friends, rich because you have a lot of love in your life, rich because you have many talents and rich because God has blessed you with a purpose in life not necessarily always money.

I have been wanting to read “Think & Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill for some time now. There was a part of me that didn’t want to read it because naturally it’s not my desire to become rich monetarily by the world’s standard. It has always been my desire to just have a little more than we need so as not to be entrapped by greed. However, I’ve been pleasantly surprised and impressed by what I’ve read so far.  Here are the

12 Real Riches by Napoleon Hill.

1. Positive Mental Attitude
2. Sound Physical Health
3. Harmony in Human Relations
4. Freedom from Fear
5. Hope for Future Achievement
6. Capacity for Applied Faith
7. Willingness to Share Blessings w/Others
8. Engaged in Labor of Love
9. Open Mind on all subjects towards all People
10. Complete Self Discipline
11. Wisdom to Understand People
12. Financial Security

As you see Financial Security is the last on the list which I thought was outstanding! That means that I’m on the right track and I didn’t even know it! I’m excited to read more and I’ll post the pearls of wisdom that I encounter on this journey.

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  • Chuck Bartok

    So happy to meet another like minded individual.

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  • Sherin

    The information you have mentioned, from the well written and best seller from Napoleon Hill is extreamly correct. a person who following these information will certainly reach to success at the earliest.


  • gilmat

    You are on the right track even if you don’t know it at the bery beginning, so it means that there is a higher force leading you on.

    Keep it up and let me be with you in your journey.

    God bless.

    Gil Mat