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My Internet Business has been TAGGED!

By · August 21, 2008 · Filed in Personal Branding

It has been a crazy week as school started in our household. I officially have a high schooler, 9th grader (boy) and a 2nd grader (boy) and my pre-schooler (girl) wishes she was in K-garden! LOL My high schooler has already lost his books! Well they were STOLEN, per his story but the reason they were stolen is really bad decision making on his part. He asked us if he could to go to a friend’s house after school last Friday. We know this friend and their parents very well so it wasn’t a problem. I didn’t know that I should have told him to make sure he brings his backpack with him. Common sense, right? NO! He puts all of his books and backpack (SUPER DURABILITY LANDS END backpack, can ya tell I’m ticked? LOL) in an UNLOCKED P.E. LOCKER over the weekend!

Then my 2nd grader gets changed over to a new class after I was soo happy with his current teacher and the boys that are high achievers in his class. I was thrilled to learn that there were so many peers w/high intellect surrounding him in class only to find out that he was yanked to another class w/a teacher that will clash w/his personality. After my husband & I met w/the principal, we decided we will try this teacher as she highly recommends her after careful study and a long extensive talk w/his 1st grade teacher.  The move was due to overcrowding of 3rd graders and shifts needed to be made. Whew! I’m tired and it’s only week 2!

That’s just a quick update into my world. In other news, I was tagged by Mindless Mommy for a meme! It’s fun! Here are the rules…

The Rules (and these were NOT made to be broken, got it?)

1. Link the person who tagged you in a new blog post.
2. Mention the rules on your blog.
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks you possess.
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them.
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged. Here are my 6 quirks:             

  1. I always turn down the radio when I can’t find an address while driving
  2. I am a social networking and forum addict
  3. I sleep w/my mouth open often
  4. I hate when someone turns the radio down or off while driving (especially my kids)
  5. I’m always reading 4-5 books at the same time
  6. Lipstick is like chapstick to me, I gotta have it or my lips feel chapped!

Now to tag six fellow bloggers for a meme.

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Robin @  Naomi Trower
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  • Business Blogs and Corporate Blogging

    Really a cool idea and a fun way to build blogging networks.

    Have fun tagging!

  • jeni

    haha! i found you through a friend of a friend who tagged my blog!


  • Jimmy Adames

    Hi Naomi,

    Sorry I can’t participate in your Tag Party. Right now I have too much going on, not to mention Fay causing havoc down my way.

    If you would like to do a guest post at regarding anything in the Internet Marketing arena, please let me know:-)

    Thanks again.

    Jimmy Adames

  • suz

    I know how you feel, my daughter started school this year and within the first two days she had lost her school jumper and her school jacket (both brand new!). I guess it’s a learning experience for them.
    It’s a great blog you have here I’ll be adding it to my reader.