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The Power of Joint Ventures

By · September 3, 2008 · Filed in Joint Ventures

I received an email a few weeks ago from Don Simkovich. He found me via Hubpages and asked if he could feature me in his cash flow tips blog. I was very honored to have someone that I didn’t know to find my articles and was impressed enough to seek me out.

This was my first inclination to look more into joint ventures.  Although most joint ventures involve profit for both parties, I am happy to enjoy more traffic for now. I have been doing my research on joint ventures and it is definitely opening my eyes to a whole new world of internet marketing.

I’ve been reading “The Success Secrets of Internet Marketing Superstars” and I just can’t put this book down. It is full of incredible ideas from Yanik Silver, Jim Black, Joe Vitale, to Jon Keel plus so many more.

The power of joint ventures is a chapter in this book that describes a person who may have an incredible idea but another person may have the database of people to buy the product. The joint venture of these people has caused many viral effects of cash flow with win/wins for both parties.

So always be on the hunt for your next partner for a joint venture and watch your sales explode exponentially! Here is my featured article.

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