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Twitter Viral Marketing Strategies

By · October 28, 2008 · Filed in Traffic Generation, Twitter Tips


Twitter, twitter, twitter…Everyone is asking What is Twitter? How do you use it? I’ve heard people say that they signed up but didn’t catch on to it. Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that allows its users to send and read other users’ updates (otherwise known as tweets), which are text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length.

Many people use this for fun to meet new people, some use Twitter to get traffic to their blogs or websites and some use Twitter to gain more knowledge from well known experts in a certain field. Here are some Twitter tips that I implement that brings me new followers every day.

1. Post Some Interesting Things Going on In Your Life – people are interested in learning more about you as a person.

2. Target your market by searching for your niche area – find and follow people of interest that you can learn and grow from in your niche market.

3. Join Professional Social Networking Sites – find the Twitter groups and write a blurb about yourself.  People that are interested will follow you.

4. Post a question with a poll – of course your poll will be on your website or blog but let everyone know that you have a poll.

5. Ask for help or direction in an area where you need clarification – people love to share their experience and knowledge to help others.

6. Don’t just post tweets, get involved with conversations – it may seem awkward at times but join in and respond to tweets. The more involved you are, the more friends that you will establish.

7. Review your followers and decide if you want to follow them back – some people may unfollow you if they feel you aren’t responsive or engaged. You don’t have to follow everyone but it’s a great idea to follow the ones that you feel would be a great asset to your knowledge base.

8. Sign up for TweetLater to help with automation – you can set it up where an instant thank you message is sent to all of your followers.

9. Post your Twitter link in your social networking sites like Myspace, Facebook (has an application that automatically shows all of your Twitter updates), LinkedIn, etc.

10. Search for a big name/successful person in your niche market – go to their followers list and start following them. Most of these people can be potential customers that are looking for more information. You can follow a max of 2000 people until 2000 people are following YOU. Then you can get past the 2000 mark.


Feel free to follow me at @NaomiTrower

Also feel free to email me with Twitter questions.

Naomi Trower
Internet Entrepreneur
“Teaching Others Social Media”

  • editorialnation

    Hey Naomi, love the site you did a great job! I see you are an expert at twitter i guess i will come to you with all my newbie questions! lol I have already tried a few of your tips they are great! Thanks for the info, I will visit this site often!

  • Naomi Trower

    Feel free to ask more questions! I’m glad to help.

  • Karen

    This is very helpful. Am pretty new to Twitter and want to use it for my business. Thanks for the great advice.

  • Naomi Trower

    You are very welcome Karen! It can be a very useful tool to market your business.

  • Linnet Woods

    Great Twitter advice – I got the answers to all the questions I had been meaning to ask!
    Thanks a lot,Naomi!

  • Naomi Trower

    I’m glad to able to clear some things up for you Linnet. Sometimes Twitter features are down so I have a few workarounds if you need them. Just let me know.

  • maria

    Hello Naomi,

    I’m kind of new to really using Twitter so
    your advice and tips are more than helpful.


  • Naomi Trower

    Great Maria! I’m glad to hear that these steps even help the newbie.

  • Steve@Success Factors

    Ok, Naomi, here is my question. How do you find quality groups and niche groups on Twitter? I look forward to hearing your response, as I want to follow that tip.

  • Naomi Trower

    Hi Steve,

    You can do searches on topics to find certain people on Twitter. There are no particular groups on Twitter. You can find people that have a particular niche by tags in their descriptions. The groups that I was referring to are on social or professional networking sites that have Twitter groups. You can find those group and add those that fit in your niche. I just noticed that the Twitter Search feature is at the bottom of the page and it’s really tiny! I hope this clarifies things for ya!

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