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Do You Retweet?

By · February 10, 2009 · Filed in Twitter Retweet

RT, hashtags, all this new stuff to learn about Twitter. Every time I turn around there is something new to learn! It’s like keeping up with the lastest fashion trends…Do you Retweet a lot?

Retweet is the newest addition to Twitter that allows your tweet to be sent around Twitter virally.

Great things to retweet about would be:

1. Breaking News – I had a conversation all day with @DanaWillhoit about the octuplets drama!

2. How To’s – more and more people are looking how to do certain things so learn what things people are looking for most

3. Questions can be retweeted to others to find answers

4. Charities – there were hundreds of retweets for the Australian fire aid.

Get more involved and retweet! Especially my stuff! LOL Just kidding..No I’m not so get over there and retweet my stuff! :)

Watch this crazy video of Jason Moffat’s fully utilizing the retweet feature:

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  • craigk3

    I retreat, it’s a nice gesture to help someone out. Also a lot of times the Tweet posted a great link or funny comment that you would like to keep out there and have others view it.

  • craigk3

    Completely typed that wrong, haha. I Retweet.

  • Naomi Trower

    Hi Craig,
    That’s ok! I need a retreat right about now! :)