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Freeze Your Mortgage Loan

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Is this really possible? Have you ever considered how the top elite real estate investors do not ever seem to be in foreclosure? Or that in certain high profile cities like Palos Verdes, CA and Beverly Hills, CA there are low foreclosure rates? Why is it mainly the middle class that are suffering the most? There are many options that are available but aren’t readily accessible to the common public. There are several options that are only available and are known in elite circles. Freezing your mortgage is one of these options.

Let us disclose a sample of the secret, the top elite have been freezing their mortgage payments for years and using that income to invest in real estate at great depression prices. We are currently in negotiations with attorneys which have been doing this process for the last 20 years.¬†¬†They guarantee and legally FREEZE the payment of any mortgage residential or commercial for 3-10 years. We are thoroughly investigating this as a practice and the team of attorneys as a company. Here is what we’ve found so far:

We have found another company that is successfully using this team of attorneys and has closed 88 of 89 homes into a freeze state in the past 4 months. The reason the one home didn’t close was because the homeowner cancelled at the last minute due to doubt while his neighbor jumped for joy when their home was approved.

The 3, 5, 10 Year Mortgage Freeze Program enables clients to completely freeze their mortgage on their Residential or Commercial property due to 44 non-disclosures that lenders are not disclosing (very similar to the Fair Credit Reporting Act). With the right legal documents and assistance your mortgage can be frozen and it is 100% legal. All you have to pay is your monthly homeowners insurance (in case of any natural disaster like flood, fire, etc..) and your annual property tax as that is the governments money and has nothing to due with your lender.

At the end of your term you will have (3) options,

1st option is to go right back into your old loan with nothing added.
2nd option is to sell the property at the end of the freeze term
3rd option is to pay off the property at a negotiated price (if you have the ability to not pay a mortgage for 3-10 years you should be able to stash your cash!).

Just imagine the possibilities this could provide for the budding real estate investor! We have a friend that recently bought beach property here in California for $347,000 in this down market. She put this new property through the Freeze Your Mortgage program and now has a freeze on her mortgage for 10 years! She can have positive rental cash flow until the market adjusts and cash in at a later date.

This is also an incredible opportunity for those that are near foreclosure as well. This will allow them time to rebuild financially due to a layoff, job market decline or whatever the case may be. We will be back to report our findings here at Passive Cash Mentors as we don’t believe or promote anything that is illegal or causes harm to our clients.

By the way, this is NOT an April Fool’s Joke!
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Kylon Trower
CEO Premier Equity Group, Inc.

  • Steve

    Hi, Kylon. This sounds like a fantastic opportunity. We currently have an investment property which could benefit from this option. Also, we have been hoping to refinance the property in order to cash out and pursue another property. However, due to the very strict guidelines currently in place for underwriting, this has not been possible to date. Would you please contact me so we can further discuss? I’m at

  • Kylon Trower

    Hi Steve,

    The best way to get in touch is to call me directly at 661-298-2104 or email at I’ve been super busy but this is a legitimate business practice and I have submitted a few clients to this program already. Take care!