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Oprah & Ashton Kutcher advocating for Social Media: Twitter & Facebook

By · April 18, 2009 · Filed in Social Media

Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk) has set the stage for a new Twitter milestone. Ashton Kutcher is the first person to reach 1 million followers on Twitter. He was in a race with CNN and I’ve included his live streaming video below that shows the events leading up to his victory and his celebration party.

He then went on the Oprah show and she now has a new Twitter account (@oprah). The picture below is a snapshot of Oprah’s first tweet. I just cracked up at her calling us Twitters! I actually retweeted a quote from Shaquille O’Neal on Twitter. “RT @THE_REAL_SHAQ You can have everything in life that you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want” Ashton has taken that step with his gift.


This is taking social media to the next level. There is already a business craze with social media where more and more businesses are turning to social media for their advertising pursuits, so why not celebrities? Ashton donated $100,000 to his millionth follower in appreciation for reaching this milestone. So what do you think? Do you think this will change social media for the better? Will Twitter be destroyed by Oprah-ites?

Live TV : Ustream

Naomi Trower
Internet Entrepreneur
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  • Rocky Bradley

    Hi Naomi,

    Nice work, but what about the Malaria No More Charity Contribution?
    And the ripple wave it has created? Not only did Ashton give 100 Thousand to Buy Mosquito Nets but Cnn matched, and the list keeps growing? It is not about Twitter and not about Ashton Oprah or Even Larry King, isn’t it about people helping people? And the Massive Advantages we now have with Social Media to take these miracles to the next level, and in the blink of an Eye! Keep the Fire Burning and love your page, sorry for the rag, but I am getting slammed by tweeps that are laughing about this as if it were nothing and it makes me Crazy! Happy Sunday and drop in and C me when ya have time!
    Rocky Bradley

  • Naomi Trower

    Hi Rocky,

    I don’t think you are being a rag :). I enjoyed reading your comment. I’m a total believer in doing good for others and charities. I just thought it was funny and cute how Oprah addresssed us as Twitters. All of the new Twitter folk will have to learn Twitter culture but that’s everyone, right?

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