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What is Twitter’s #Follow Friday?

By · April 10, 2009 · Filed in Twitter Tips


This question has been a hot topic on Twitter lately. The funny thing is that I’ve seen my twitter name @NaomiTrower (my business focus) and @FatLossMama (my fitness focus) on the #FollowFriday list for the past several weeks and didn’t really know what it was all about. I started my research on it and now I have the skinny!

#FollowFriday is adding your friends or recommendations of twitter friends for other people to follow. It is a promotion tool for your friends and its awesome because you tend to receive once you give in a great way. This helps to organically grow your followers as well as most people really like to return the favor.

When you click on #FollowFriday, you will see a list of tweets with all of the people that are recommended by all of the Twitterverse. It is also great to include a little blurb as to the reason to follow them as to give a little info about your  group recommendation. I’m going to start grouping my friends and recommendations for others to follow for great quotes for example or great topics or great entrepreneurial advice to give you an idea.

This will help people right away to know why they should follow certain people because most people want to follow certain types of people. So go have fun with #followfriday and other hot topics on twitter!

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