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What Do You Think of Google Wave?

By · May 30, 2009 · Filed in Google Wave, Social Media

The Google Wave buzz is in the air. Google Wave is one of the top trending topics on Twitter right now. What is Google Wave you ask? Well as a site that keeps up with the latest social media, real estate and mortgage trends, we have to keep you up to date!

Google Wave combines e-mail, instant messaging, photo managing and social-networking technologies into a single tool.  Google Wave claims to be able to do everything that Facebook and Twitter can do and even more.

Google Wave has a lot of innovative features, but here are just a few:

– Real-time: In most instances, you can see what someone else is typing, character-by-character.

– Embeddability: Waves can be embedded on any blog or website.

– Applications and Extensions: Just like a Facebook (Facebook reviews) application or an iGoogle gadget, developers can build their own apps within waves. They can be anything from bots to complex real-time games.

– Wiki functionality: Anything written within a Google Wave can be edited by anyone else, because all conversations within the platform are shared. Thus, you can correct information, append information, or add your own commentary within a developing conversation.

– Open source: The Google Wave code will be open source, to foster innovation and adoption amongst developers.

– Playback: You can playback any part of the wave to see what was said.

– Natural language: Google Wave can autocorrect your spelling, even going as far as knowing the difference between similar words, like “been” and “bean.” It can also auto-translate on-the-fly.

– Drag-and-drop file sharing: No attachments; just drag your file and drop it inside Google Wave and everyone will have access.

The Google Wave video is a bit long but when you get some time, put your feet up and listen to the video below. Let us know what you think about the upcoming Google Wave tool.

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  • Steve

    It’s good to know that if Facebook starts charging to belong, there will always be an alternative 😉 Thanks for sharing about this interesting feature coming up on Google.

  • Naomi Trower

    I know all of this talk about Facebook charging has all of my buddies antsy! :) It will be interesting to see where Google Wave will take us in the area of social media.