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The Power of Social Media

By · May 13, 2009 · Filed in Social Media


It is funny how social media is becoming more common and the topic of conversation from The Oprah Show to the mention of Twitter on Desperate Housewives on Sunday May 10, 2009. Here is the Desperate Housewives video clip:

Brad J. Ward was one of the first people to get the video clip on Youtube and his link went viral on Twitter. Take a look at the Retweetist page which shows the massive amount of people that spread the word. First of all, @mashable has a huge following so people take notice, listen and spread the word even more. Can you imagine if you have this same effect as a business? If you can deliver news, information or upcoming events that has a high interest value, it could have the same viral marketing potential for your business.

I am currently developing a product that focuses on marketing strategies utilizing social media with a special focus on real estate investing, foreclosures, loan modifications, refinances, and short payoff with equity. If you have a business in any of these areas, make sure to subscribe to Passive Cash Mentors to be aware of this upcoming product launch. The strategies that will be given will be advantageous for any business but the keywords and specific searches will need to be changed for your particular business. What would you like to learn in a product like this? Be sure to leave your comments below in order to make sure that I take care of your concerns.

Naomi Trower
Internet Entrepreneur
“Teaching Others Social Media”

  • Matt West

    As a consultant, I see the value of providing an online experience. Social media is a great example of an interactive digital medium with real power, provided you know how to use it. For the average small business, effectively navigating social media is largely about understanding Generation Y. Please see my review of Millennials and social media.

    See also the ways in which social media and sustainability are aligned.

  • Bradjward

    Showing this to my wife, who couldn’t understand the urgency of stopping HER SHOW to tape some silly clip for YouTube.
    Gotta get there fast and know who to target. I noticed @mashable had updated within the hour so I sent an @ their way. Had they not updated in the past 3-4 hours I would have probably @’d elsewhere to strike while the iron was hot. :)

    Great post, thanks for the mention!

  • Steve

    Way to go, Naomi. Looks like you are never one to sit still. I wish you the best on your product development, and look forward to seeing it go public.

  • Naomi Trower

    Hey Steve,

    Yes I’m constantly on the move. It will take time to get it all down, but I’ve got so many cool strategies that I just can’t contain it any longer! :)

  • Naomi Trower

    Hey Brad,

    How cool to see ya! Yes you did the right thing! It was funny but in the back of my mind, I thought, I need to post this on Twitter right away but I was too lazy! LOL Way to think on your feet! :)

  • Naomi Trower

    Hey Matt,

    You are so right that social media is the new wave of business. Business 2.0 is what we call it. :)