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How to Have Fun in Business

By · July 31, 2009 · Filed in How to Have Fun In Business

“How To” Articles are very popular these days. I thought I would add how to have fun and still stay engaged with your business. We haven’t written a post here in 3 weeks! Wow, now that is a record for us! We’ve been having too much fun with summer family mini trips around Southern California. I thought I would have some fun and post our travels and pictures over the past few weeks.

The fun started with the Barnum & Bailey Circus at the Staple Center. That was an incredible show! I wasn’t expecting much but we sure were entertained. It’s amazing how they can get the elephants and tigers and bears – Oh my! – to obey their commands!


The next stop was at a water park Six Flags Hurricane Harbor. The weather has been between 106 and 108 degrees in our neighborhood so this was a welcomed trip. We met up with great friends and had a blast.


The next stop was another place to stay cool, the movies. There weren’t too many movie options for the kids. We weren’t too excited to see Ice Age 3 as we aren’t big fans of Ice Age but we were pleasantly surprised and enjoyed the movie.


The fun didn’t stop there as we went bowling the next day for a family birthday party. We love to bowl and as a family growing up we were on bowling leagues. My biggest trophies as a child were from bowling. It was really neat to see my 7 year old son have a great natural bowling style. It runs in the blood!




The next stop was the best place on earth…. Disneyland!! It was my 4 year old daughter’s first time there. She had to go to Princess land or mommy and daddy would end up in big trouble. It was so fun and the neat thing about it was that I was able to share my day with my Facebook friends the whole day from my Blackberry. It was neat to pass the time in line by adding Facebook status updates.  The fireworks were incredible and we can’t wait to go back because there were 5 areas of the park that we didn’t get a chance to go to yet.









Here are some funnies from the pictures above…Why does my husband love that “I gotcha” pose??? As you can tell, my daughter LOVES that outfit and wants to wear it all the time. I need to get her into modeling so she can pay for the water bill due to constantly washing the same outfit over and over again! LOL

Our motto is work hard and play hard! Take some time to focus on your family and create fun memories..Have fun!

Naomi Trower
Real Estate Broker
“Creating Financially Secure Families”