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Real Estate and Social Media Marketing

By · July 6, 2009 · Filed in Real Estate & Social Media Marketing

“Real estate is an inherently social enterprise — agent-client relationships stemming from real estate deals can mature as personal friendships, and personal friendships can become business relationships.

As a real estate and mortgage professional, the more people you know, the more prospective buyers and sellers you know.

Online social media can bring friends closer and make it easier for people to get to know strangers, too.

And perhaps that is why so many real estate and loan agents have launched blogs and set up profiles and made connections in online communities such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube, among others.”

I ran across this article from Inman News last week.  I thought I would answer the question in regards to our stories and how we have incorporated social media into our business strategy.

from Hubspot

from Hubspot

* What works and what doesn’t work?

What works: Providing valuable content and interesting articles really draws more people into your business hemisphere.

What doesn’t work: Appearing too spammy. There is a difference in sharing what you are involved with business wise and just plain spam.

* Is the amount of time you spend at social media sites paying off in new clients and closed transactions?

We have a very busy office with limited time. We have definitely seen great results with small amounts of time spent daily on social networks such as 108 registrants to our webinars with Facebook events and Twitter tweets. These are turning into solid new business partners.

* Is social media more useful as an agent-to-agent tool than as an agent-to-consumer tool?

We have seen success both ways as we tend to keep our clients in our social networks that refer business to us as well. However, as of late we have seen an incredible increase in our agent-to-agent business.

* What is the future of social media and the real estate industry’s participation in social media?

Social media marketing is definitely the wave of the future. Facebook users grew to 200 million early this year and Twitter is growing exponentially every day. Real estate and mortgage professionals will need to have some form of presence and learn the best strategies to be successful on these networks. Let us know what efforts you have made in your social marketing plan.

Naomi Trower
Real Estate Broker
“Teaching Others Social Media”

  • Nicole Mickle

    I completely agree that social media will be a requirement to grow real estate and mortgage businesses. I am growing my network every day and it is beneficial for all parties involved.

  • Naomi Trower

    Hi Nicole,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I wish you continued success in your social media efforts. I’m currently working on a project that focuses on the best social media strategies for real estate and mortgage professionals.

  • jenisebhruvel

    Social Media is indeed a powerful tool to get many leads and get your business advertise online. By gaining followers and friends by your constant post/relevant post prior to your site,you can get backlinks nor increase traffic.

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