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Top 4 Reasons You Need a Facebook Page

By · August 24, 2009 · Filed in Facebook Business Page


Why do you NEED a Facebook business page, you ask? It seems to be just another site to maintain and another task in your already busy schedule. Can’t seem to keep up with all of the top things that you need to do to stay on the cutting edge? Well let me give you some reasons to help you take that leap of faith.

Top 4 Reasons You Need a Facebook Business Page

1. Google Juice – Facebook has an Alexa ranking of TWO. They are the 2nd most trafficked site next only to Google! This means your Facebook page can be indexed faster on Google and other search engines. It’s great to link your business site(s) to your Facebook business page to generate more traffic.

2. Viral Capability – Facebook design allows your site to be seen by friends of your friends. “Your friend is a fan of Naomi Trower, would you like to become one as well?” is one of the greatest word of mouth advertising on Facebook.

3. Unique Url – At one time, a unique url was given if you had 1,000 fans but Facebook has recently lowered the minimum to 25 fans. I was able to reach 100 fans in 5 days with my most recent business page.

Once you reach 25 fans, create your unique url at Before you choose any name, think of a top keyword search term that your potential customer would look for in search engines. It could be 1st time home buyer or forensic loan audit for example.

Here is my example:

4. Client Interaction – Your Facebook business page is a great place to interact with fellow professionals and potential clients without having to use your personal Facebook profile. This is especially helpful if your Facebook personal profile is mostly personal friends right now.

There you have it! Are these good enough reasons to motivate you to start your Facebook business page? Let me know what questions you may have in getting started or when you finish so I can become a fan!

Take a look at my business fan page to get some ideas. Already have a page? Post your link in the comments for more exposure. It doesn’t have to be mortgage or real estate related. All are welcome! :)

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  • Misty

    I came across you site when I searched for internet business blog. I actually landed on your free WordPress blog.

    Anyway, Facebook definitely is a must for internet business owners and even politics are already using this to boost popularity. I have checked on your Facebook page, I have to log in before I get to see it. Anyway, you can make it go public where people can still see your info without having to sign in. Check .

    Congrats by the way.. your wordpress blog is still on googles page 1!
    .-= Misty´s last blog ..IBM 84 | The Julia Child Guide to Starting an Internet Business =-.

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  • Casandra Miska

    Great info. Thank you for sharing. What link did you use to create your splash landing page. I loved it. Or are you one of those talented people who can create their own? Please do share the link.

  • Naomi Trower

    Hi Casandra, Just let me know which page in particular that you are referring to. :) Most of them are pages here on my wordpress blog.