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The Power of Open Houses, Seminars & Events

By · September 4, 2009 · Filed in Social Media Marketing


There are many real estate and mortgage professionals that are trying to determine the value of social media marketing. One of the key ways to draw people to your business is by attending major events.

How does going to open houses, mortgage seminars and other major events bring you more customers? Well one of the top viral ways to be seen on Facebook is by sharing photos. There is so much value to taking pictures at these events especially if there are well known people at the events.


Open houses may not be a place to find high powered people in your business but it’s a great way to bring local people into your business world. A simple picture with another agent and tagging them in the photo stating that you are hosting an open house is a great way to bring people into your world.

I was on a call yesterday with Craig Duswalt discussing his ROCKSTAR system and he even suggests to attend a major event at least once a month. His success has skyrocketed in less than a year due to this very simple strategy.

I’m excited to be attending the LA Twitter Conference this year on September 22 & 23, 2009. Although it is not mortgage or real estate related, I still have a chance to meet some very high profile people. Of course my kids are so excited that I may get a chance to meet Tony Hawk! :)


Start looking for high profile events in your industry and make sure to bring your digital camera. This is the new face of marketing your business via social media. Let me know how things are going in your world!

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