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Happy Halloween! Greek Goddess of Social Media

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Ok, I do NOT claim to be the Greek Goddess of Social Media. That just happens to be my Halloween costume for this year. :) I decided to go all out this year and dress up by the urgings of some of my Twitter buds. I decided this was mostly going to be a picture post of some of my favorite Halloween pics that I found across the web and my own digital camera.

P1010704Here is a picture of me anticipating tonight’s fun adventure with my kiddos. I was really happy with this costume eventhough it was my 2nd choice. My 1st choice was sold out and it was just as beautiful.

It is costumes such as these that will make me want to dress up every year now. My daughter was actually trying to convince me to buy a different slinky, sexy black spider queen costume.

In my mind, I thought “I’m not trying to attract any vampires on Halloween!” but I gently told her that mommy has to put that one back. :)

Now on to my kiddos. The Michael Jackson costume is really big this year as my son has 2 of his best friends that will wear his costume tonight. My son P1010691 decided to be Michael Jackson’s Thriller werewolf. We need to find our Michael Jackson co-hort so they can walk around together tonight.

My daughter decided to be a cheerleader for the 2nd year in a row. Last year she was a USC cheerleader and this year she is a Barbie Cheerleader.

She is mesmerized by cheerleaders so I think I may have one on my hands although her mommy went the tomboy route and swore off all things girly at a very young age.

I can imagine her running off the basketball court to cheer on the side lines instead of making a basket but I digress…

rss-pumpkinHere are some fun Social Media Halloween pumpkins carvings that I found via Mashable. I thought they were all so unique and well done  but man, how do they do those so well?

Our pumpkin carvings turn out so horrible every year. As a matter of fact, I have some mold to clean out of them. YUCK!

Gotta love the RSS pumpkin! By the way, be sure to subscribe to my blog while you are reading this. :) wordpress-pumpkin

WordPress pumpkin – Oh how I love thee! Let me count the ways..SEO optimization, custom plugins, great blog design layouts and so much more.

Let me stop before I get too geeky for ya! And on to our next social media pumpkin carving..Drum roll please..

Who could it be other than the Twitter’s Fail Whale Pumpkin? Oh no! What shall we do? Twitter is down..Time to flock to Facebook.

I could find a Facebook pumpkin for you but I’m hungry and I need to eat and get ready for our night time activities. It will be interesting trying to keep my 4 year old from crying at all of the scary monsters! Let us know about your adventures tonight in the comments below or link to some other fun pictures. Have a safe and fun Halloween!

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Real Estate BlogWorld & BlogWorld Expo 2009

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blogworld reblogworld2

What a rollercoaster week for me! I was making every effort to attend BlogWorld and Real Estate BlogWorld Expo 2009. My kids started to get sick and I thought “Oh no, Dad just won’t do while Mom is away!” So I started stuffing them with vitamin C and OJ all week.

They were starting to get better and I was looking at airline tickets every 5 minutes. Then the unthinkable happened…My husband got sick! UGH! My main babysitter was going to be incapable of taking care of the kids. My backup babysitter, Nana, already had plans to go out of town to none other than VEGAS but totally opposite times of the conference schedule.

So I resorted to watch streaming live video and was frustrated to find out it was only the first event in the morning and the last event in the evening every day but hey it was something, right? I also viewed tweets with the hashtag #bwe09 and #rebw09 to get the best ideas, quotes and thoughts from the conference. I decided to collect and share them with you as well as a few video interviews in this post.


@TheMarketingGuy: Facebook fan pages may be most powerful feature because it is indexed by Google @MariSmith #bwe09

RT @BrandLessons The best way to improve your brand is to listen and help someone solve a problem. @portentint #rebw09 #bwe09

@SmartHabitsGirl “If content is king, connection is queen.” – @MariSmith #bwe09

@AaronStrout Take note! Corps w/ blogs have 55% more visitors to their Web sites & 434% more indexed pages in search engines. #BWE09

RT @MariSmith: “Take your OFFLINE clients & drive to your BLOG. Take your ONLINE clients & bring to IN-PERSON events.” @jimmarks #bwe09

@LTLline Jermaine Dupri reached out to a female who made videos every day on YouTube & grew 2 Million Followers. Power of Social Media! #bwe09

World Record set at @blogworld Largest mass distribution in social media to raise money in a 24 hour period! WOOHOO! #beatcancer #bwe09

RT @MariSmith: “I’m REALLY excited about Twitter Lists. It’s the BEST feature they added in years!!” @scobleizer #bwe09

RT @MariSmith Woohoo!! My Twitter Lists demo video recorded LIVE at #bwe09 on YouTube  Take a look: [Cool!]

RT @chiropractic I like that Ford has cars to test drive outside the convention center #marketing #bwe09

RT @TiffanyCloud: My takeaways from #bwe09 #rebw09 Real estate is way out ahead on social media than other industries.

@dlazovick Shameless plug for Sorry, but its a twitter app for RE pros #rebw09


I highly recommend Darren Rowse’s 31 Days to Build a Better Blog workbook.

An Interview with Darren Rowse @ BlogWorld Expo 2009

An Interview with Chris Brogan at BlogWorld Expo 2009

Who Says Bloggers Can’t Party???

Naomi Trower
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How To Use Twitter Lists

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Twitter has finally released their new Twitter List Feature. However, it is only being released to a certain amount of users. You will need to check your Twitter account often to see if your account has been activated before you can start using the feature. It will be obvious that your account has been activated because you will see the list feature on your account.

You can view this Twitter List demo video by Mari Smith which she recorded live at BlogWorld Expo 2009. It gives you an idea of how you can use this new feature. Of course, there will be a follow-up post here at Social Media Marketing as I work with Twitter lists on my own. I will give ideas how to use this feature in your mortgage and real estate business. For now, get a sneak peak with this video.

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ISMA Doors Open…

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It is exciting to know that with all of the talk about social media that there is now going to be an International Social Media Association to grow and learn from some of the top social media specialists. Here is the mission of the association:

Our mission is connecting, engaging and educating members on social media around the world to advance the knowledge, skills, and integrity of the social media profession.

As a real estate professional, this will be one of the main avenues that I will stay informed on the latest social media trends to provide you the best information possible to market your business.

I will be exposed to forums, webinars, events and there is even a social media certification program as well. Feel free to join the organization to learn social media strategies or continue to tune in here for the latest and greatest information as I learn and grow.

Be sure to tune in LIVE for the official launch of the International Social Media Association via Ustream from BlogWorld in Las Vegas. It is scheduled to take place today October 16, 2009 at 10:30 am PST. Here is the LIVE video stream. If you missed the live stream, you can still view the broadcast. See ya there!

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Top 3 Reasons AllTop Is Your Content Gallery

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Featured in Alltop

What do you read as you sit down with your cup of joe, tea or hot chocolate? More and more people are turning to AllTop, Twitter, Facebook or their top social media networks to get them started in the morning.

People are providing great content in their social media worlds as well. How do these people find such great articles so quickly? That is where comes into the picture. You can customize your favorite topics and blogs into one space and browse through their most recent posts!

I had the opportunity to meet @GuyKawasaki (the brain child behind Alltop as well as many other endeavors) at the #140tc LA Twitter Conference. Since then we’ve chatted via email and he allowed me to interview him just for this post. Before I get into that interview, I will share my

Top 3 Reasons Needs To Be Your Content Gallery

1. It’s your favorite magazine rack in one location by choosing your topics of interest

2. It’s an aggregate of information feeds from around the world

3. It’s an awesome source to provide value to your friends, clients and business partners

Ok, on to my short interview:



Naomi: What is your definition of AllTop?

Guy: Alltop is an “online magazine rack” of the web. It is a collection of subscriptions to thousands of information feeds organized by topics ranging from Adoption to Zoology. The purpose of Alltop is to help people answer the question, “What’s happening?” in “all the topics” that interest them.

What are the steps to be a featured blog in AllTop?

Guy: Step 1: Write good stuff.

Step 2: Go to and provide us the information requested.

Naomi: Is there a light or rigorous review such as skimming blog posts, overall blog design, etc?

Guy: We believe that blogs are good until proven bad, and we like inclusion. We make a quick review to see if the blog is high quality–this is actually quite easy–and go from there.

Naomi: What are the benefits of AllTop?

Guy: For readers, it helps them save time by enabling them to scan dozens of relevant blogs at a time. For blog owners, we hope we can send traffic.


Thanks so much for your time Guy! I feel so special that you took time out of your busy schedule to not only add my two blogs to AllTop, but to answer my questions as well. AllTop also helps me to get new blog post ideas during those writer block moments.

Be sure to create your MyAlltop page. You can create a custom collection of feeds from any part of Alltop®.

To learn more, go to:

Display a MyAlltop badge: on your blog or website.

You can also view some of my favorite topics as an example at

Have fun!

Naomi Trower
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How To Build a Facebook Business Page

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I have been getting quite a few requests asking for tips to build their Facebook Business page. I decided to give steps in an incremental fashion so as not to overwhelm everyone. I will be adding tips to this post on a frequent basis so make sure to come back often to implement them.

Tip #1 – Go to your personal Facebook profile and scroll to the bottom of the page. Click on Advertising and look for Pages. You will see a Create page button. Be sure to think through the name of your page. Your Facebook business page name will be indexed by the search engines so keep that in mind. (It is possible to have a business page only, if you don’t currently have a personal Facebook account)

Tip #2 Upload a picture of you or your business logo.

Tip #3 Make sure to add your website to the info tab as well as in the text box under your photo. Write a short bio in the text box as well.

Tip #4 If you have a blog, go to the Notes tab and look for the option to import your blog to your page. If you don’t have a blog, start to consider starting one. Look for the blogs in your specific target area to get ideas. Feel free to get ideas from my blog @ Real Estate & Mortgage Social Media Marketing

Tip #5 Click edit on your page and scroll to the bottom and look for Applications. Browse through various business applications that will be useful to your page. I’ve use a poll application to ask what customers were looking for in particular on a specific page.

Tip #6 Static FMBL is a must have application to be able to add audio clips if you’d like or to even create new tabs such as a Welcome page. It basically allows you to add html code to your page for more enhanced graphics.

More tips coming soon..Feel free to add any tips in the comments…

Visit How To Create Raving Facebook Fans and Top 4 Reasons You Need A Facebook Business Page too!

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