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Happy Halloween! Greek Goddess of Social Media

By · October 31, 2009 · Filed in How to Have Fun In Business

Ok, I do NOT claim to be the Greek Goddess of Social Media. That just happens to be my Halloween costume for this year. :) I decided to go all out this year and dress up by the urgings of some of my Twitter buds. I decided this was mostly going to be a picture post of some of my favorite Halloween pics that I found across the web and my own digital camera.

P1010704Here is a picture of me anticipating tonight’s fun adventure with my kiddos. I was really happy with this costume eventhough it was my 2nd choice. My 1st choice was sold out and it was just as beautiful.

It is costumes such as these that will make me want to dress up every year now. My daughter was actually trying to convince me to buy a different slinky, sexy black spider queen costume.

In my mind, I thought “I’m not trying to attract any vampires on Halloween!” but I gently told her that mommy has to put that one back. :)

Now on to my kiddos. The Michael Jackson costume is really big this year as my son has 2 of his best friends that will wear his costume tonight. My sonĀ P1010691 decided to be Michael Jackson’s Thriller werewolf. We need to find our Michael Jackson co-hort so they can walk around together tonight.

My daughter decided to be a cheerleader for the 2nd year in a row. Last year she was a USC cheerleader and this year she is a Barbie Cheerleader.

She is mesmerized by cheerleaders so I think I may have one on my hands although her mommy went the tomboy route and swore off all things girly at a very young age.

I can imagine her running off the basketball court to cheer on the side lines instead of making a basket but I digress…

rss-pumpkinHere are some fun Social Media Halloween pumpkins carvings that I found via Mashable. I thought they were all so unique and well doneĀ  but man, how do they do those so well?

Our pumpkin carvings turn out so horrible every year. As a matter of fact, I have some mold to clean out of them. YUCK!

Gotta love the RSS pumpkin! By the way, be sure to subscribe to my blog while you are reading this. :) wordpress-pumpkin

WordPress pumpkin – Oh how I love thee! Let me count the ways..SEO optimization, custom plugins, great blog design layouts and so much more.

Let me stop before I get too geeky for ya! And on to our next social media pumpkin carving..Drum roll please..

Who could it be other than the Twitter’s Fail Whale Pumpkin? Oh no! What shall we do? Twitter is down..Time to flock to Facebook.

I could find a Facebook pumpkin for you but I’m hungry and I need to eat and get ready for our night time activities. It will be interesting trying to keep my 4 year old from crying at all of the scary monsters! Let us know about your adventures tonight in the comments below or link to some other fun pictures. Have a safe and fun Halloween!

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    Hi Angel,

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