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Real Estate BlogWorld & BlogWorld Expo 2009

By · October 18, 2009 · Filed in BlogWorld Expo 2009

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What a rollercoaster week for me! I was making every effort to attend BlogWorld and Real Estate BlogWorld Expo 2009. My kids started to get sick and I thought “Oh no, Dad just won’t do while Mom is away!” So I started stuffing them with vitamin C and OJ all week.

They were starting to get better and I was looking at airline tickets every 5 minutes. Then the unthinkable happened…My husband got sick! UGH! My main babysitter was going to be incapable of taking care of the kids. My backup babysitter, Nana, already had plans to go out of town to none other than VEGAS but totally opposite times of the conference schedule.

So I resorted to watch streaming live video and was frustrated to find out it was only the first event in the morning and the last event in the evening every day but hey it was something, right? I also viewed tweets with the hashtag #bwe09 and #rebw09 to get the best ideas, quotes and thoughts from the conference. I decided to collect and share them with you as well as a few video interviews in this post.


@TheMarketingGuy: Facebook fan pages may be most powerful feature because it is indexed by Google @MariSmith #bwe09

RT @BrandLessons The best way to improve your brand is to listen and help someone solve a problem. @portentint #rebw09 #bwe09

@SmartHabitsGirl “If content is king, connection is queen.” – @MariSmith #bwe09

@AaronStrout Take note! Corps w/ blogs have 55% more visitors to their Web sites & 434% more indexed pages in search engines. #BWE09

RT @MariSmith: “Take your OFFLINE clients & drive to your BLOG. Take your ONLINE clients & bring to IN-PERSON events.” @jimmarks #bwe09

@LTLline Jermaine Dupri reached out to a female who made videos every day on YouTube & grew 2 Million Followers. Power of Social Media! #bwe09

World Record set at @blogworld Largest mass distribution in social media to raise money in a 24 hour period! WOOHOO! #beatcancer #bwe09

RT @MariSmith: “I’m REALLY excited about Twitter Lists. It’s the BEST feature they added in years!!” @scobleizer #bwe09

RT @MariSmith Woohoo!! My Twitter Lists demo video recorded LIVE at #bwe09 on YouTube  Take a look: [Cool!]

RT @chiropractic I like that Ford has cars to test drive outside the convention center #marketing #bwe09

RT @TiffanyCloud: My takeaways from #bwe09 #rebw09 Real estate is way out ahead on social media than other industries.

@dlazovick Shameless plug for Sorry, but its a twitter app for RE pros #rebw09


I highly recommend Darren Rowse’s 31 Days to Build a Better Blog workbook.

An Interview with Darren Rowse @ BlogWorld Expo 2009

An Interview with Chris Brogan at BlogWorld Expo 2009

Who Says Bloggers Can’t Party???

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