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Which Twitter Lists Define You?

By · November 5, 2009 · Filed in Twitter Lists

I need your help in developing my Twitter Lists. As you know, Twitter Lists are the hottest topic in social media right now. I have read several articles on how to define my lists, however I want to hear YOUR feedback.


Which Twitter List Defines You?

What Category Would Make You Hold Your Head Up High?


I have seen some funny names for twitter lists:


“Too sexy for their shirt” and yes someone added me to that list. :)

I was super honored to be included on the following list:

“Entrepreneurs on the fast track” with a number of people following that list.


Which leads me to an INCREDIBLE IDEA for everyone to implement right away. Go to each person’s list that you are listed and THANK them for adding you to their list. Now for some people this could be a year long project! :)


I will be taking the next several weeks implementing this appreciation idea and continuing on as one of my daily Twitter tasks.

Here are some categories that I would feel super proud to be associated with:


Business Blogger

Social Media Strategist

Real Estate Social Media Marketing

Mortgage Social Media Marketing

Fitness Blogger (Bet you didn’t know that one, eh?)

So go ahead [Don’t Be Shy], no matter what industry or line of work that you are in, list your ideas of how you would love to be listed in the comments. I want to be able to make you smile. How do you want to be remembered in the Twitterverse?

Naomi Trower

Real Estate Broker
Premier Equity Group, Inc.
Real Estate Social Media Marketing
“Teaching Professionals Social Media”

  • Rod Kirby

    Hey, Naomi, You’re on my “Social Media Super Powers” list. I think lists are cool, but for me, I’m going to let my brand define me. You know? Whatever the first thing someone thinks of when they think of me is how I want to be remembered. So far, I’m pretty proud of what I project. Good thoughts!
    .-= Rod Kirby´s last blog ..Poll: Do You Use an Editorial Calendar for your Blog? =-.

  • Naomi Trower

    Hi Rod,

    That’s an incredible honor! Thanks! :) You will be receiving a few thank you tweets from me! I understand to allow your brand to define you, however, take a moment and step back. There may be some other impression that others perceive, so if their perception is off a bit..What would your preference be?

  • stephen gilmore

    Hi Naomi the business bloggers list best suites me.You are on my networking / motivational list

  • Naomi Trower

    Hi Stephen! I’m taking down your note so when I make my business blogger list, you will be there. Thanks so much for adding me to your list. I appreciate you. :)

  • Denise Wakeman

    Good idea, Naomi!

    My list preferences are:

    Business Blogger
    Social Marketing
    Online Marketing

    Blog on!
    .-= Denise Wakeman´s last undefined ..If you register your site for free at =-.

  • Rose Clark

    Hello Naomi – What a super idea! I would be super proud to be on your “Social Media Strategist” list. I have you on my ISMA list- that would be the International Social Media Association :) & your are on my Social Media friends. Way to go!
    .-= Rose Clark´s last blog ..Riding The Google Wave: A Complete Guide =-.

  • LaTosha Johnson

    As you know, I am still conflicted on Twitter lists, but I would love to be listed under Business Bloggers. Also, in the event that I do start a list I was thinking about Social Medianistas (like fashionista) or some other fun names along that line. Again, I am still conflicted, but might be jumping on the Twitter list bandwagon-I have so many good ideas for list names that I don’t want to go to waste-lol! :)

  • Steve-Success Factors

    I’ve got you down under Friends and Real Estate (private lists). I’d like to be included under Top Success Motivation, Christian Bloggers, Autism/Asperger Coach. those are my areas of focus. Great idea!
    .-= Steve-Success Factors´s last blog ..Little Known Factors to Build Success =-.

  • Naomi Trower

    Hi Rose! I just added you to Social Media Strategists! You were already on my ISMA list! :) Thanks for your encouragement.

  • Naomi Trower

    LaTosha, You are officially on my business blogger list. :) By the time you decide to do something with your lists, you will have all of these cool, creative names! LOL

  • Naomi Trower

    Hi Steve,
    Just added your lists! Thanks for your continual encouragement. :)

  • Naomi Trower

    Hi Denise! Yay, Thanks so much for stopping by! Great lists! I have you under Business Blogger and I will add you to the other ones. :)

  • Naomi Trower

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