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Will You Attend Mortgage Revolution? #mrev

By · November 23, 2009 · Filed in Mortgage Revolution

mortgage-revolution After reviewing Virtual Real Estate BarCamp in my last post, I asked the question if there would be a similar conference for the mortgage industry.

Mike Mueller led me in the right direction and I was able to find Mortgage Revolution.

Now if you can’t attend this event live, I have a way for you to view tweets from the event.

Be sure to go to People Browsr and search for this hashtag #mrev. This will give you all of the conversation from the event. You can also follow new people on Twitter from the same location.

Even if you search now, you will see all of the pre-chatter about the event. Here is a mini-excerpt from their blog and a link to the agenda…

What Is The Mortgage Revolution?

Rev·o·lu·tion – (n) a sudden, radical, or complete change

* Education: Hands-on, interactive and led by top active originators

* Networking: Meet the brightest mortgage professionals in the business

* Strategy: Execution, implementation and sales strategies that work

Partly inspired by the highly successful rebarcamp movement that has taken over the real estate technology world, Mortgage Revolution is tailored to meet the specific education, marketing, and networking needs of today’s loan originators.

A true educational experience provided by the participants and volunteer event coordinators. Even though the first big meet-up will be held in Atlanta, we plan on giving our blue-print to other originators who want to host regional Mortgage Revolutions in their neck of the country.

Organized chaos, high level brainstorming, user generated experience…. are great ways to describe these events.

Basically, there will be a set schedule of presentations, as well as planned activities to encourage mini work groups led by volunteers.

Show up, network, organize, share, teach, learn – you are responsible for your own education.

Click Here For Mortgage Revolution Agenda

Remember, if you can’t be at the LIVE event, be sure to use my tip above to listen in to the top producers in the mortgage industry!

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  • Mark Madsen

    Thank you so much for the support, Naomi. I’m looking forward to meeting you there. Please let me know if there is anything we can do to help your business as well.


  • Naomi Trower

    Hi Mark! I’m so thrilled to support this event. I really need to be an event planner in my next life! :) I will be tweeting various pages about this conference to get the word out.