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Real Estate Peeps, Are You Using Twitter Lists?

By · December 3, 2009 · Filed in Twitter Lists


As I mentioned in my previous Twitter list post, I have been brainstorming various ways to utilize Twitter lists in your real estate and mortgage business.

**Are you tired of hearing your own voice on Twitter and your Facebook business page?**

**How about engaging with other people that are in your particular market?**

**How about promoting other GREAT content from around the web?**

I have been using one of the best platforms to manage your social media efforts:


Here are my TOP Reasons for using this site:

  1. I can manage my Twitter account, Facebook business page, Facebook profile, LinkedIn and Twitter Lists ALL from this site!
  2. Most people prefer Tweetdeck but it tends to load slowly, NOT true for Hootsuite.
  3. I can easily keep up with my different Twitter groups of friends and business colleagues.
  4. I can easily RT great content from my Twitter Lists and provide value.

Here is a quick screenshot from my mortgage & real estate investing Twitter list:


As you can see, this is a great way to keep up with certain people. Vickie Irwin is coming out my way so it was very natural for me to send her a tweet, “The weather is GREAT out here in LA, let me know if you have time for a meetup!”

Here are 5 Ways to Use Twitter Lists in Your Business

  1. Group friends by location and keep an eye out for local events
  2. Group friends by particular niches and promote their content
  3. Find ways to engage with new people by finding similar interest tweets
  4. Group friends by specific events or webinars that you attended
  5. Find out how your friends would like to be listed on Twitter

So there you have it! What are your thoughts? Do these ideas sound hokie? Do you think it will bring more people to your site? Feel free to shut me up in the comments! :)

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