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3 Details The Book of Eli Can Teach You About Social Media

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I had no idea what The Book of Eli would be about as I walked into the theater this past weekend. I read the movie synopsis prior to going but I still didn’t have a clue. The various themes throughout the movie impacted me so much that I had to share and relate it to social media!

I will do my best to not “give away” the whole movie but just give you enough tidbits to get you into the theater. :) Here is the vague synopsis that I read before we headed out to watch this thriller:

“In a post-apocalyptic America where the once-picturesque countryside has become a desolate and violent wasteland, one man (Denzel Washington) fights to protect the sacred book that could hold the key to the survival of the human race.”

Here are the 3 lessons that you can relate to social media:

Protect Your Brand

bookofeli_washingtonEli was determined to do whatever it took to protect The Book.

In the online world, we need to do the same. We need to be careful what we post online to protect our business and our personal lives.

Even when it seems the enemy is after us, (a scathing blog post about your business practices from someone that may not fully understand your business model), it is important to be careful with your response but always protect your brand.

Determination To Reach Your Goal

book of eliEli was determined to head West as that was the best location to protect The Book.

Measurable goals are definitely needed in marketing your business with social media.

If your current social media plan isn’t providing new leads and business contacts, it is vital to revise your social media strategy.

Commitment To The Plan

eli1 I was in awe of how committed Eli was to reading The Book every day.

He realized that he needed to help others and leave a lasting impact.

The same is true in the world of social media.

It is not about constantly broadcasting your message but engaging with people. Social media is about encouraging others and sharing their work as well. It is not something to try for a few months and abandon, so stick around and be committed to your social media efforts.

My Inspiration For This Post

Although I was very inspired by this movie, I was even more inspired to write this post by my friend Rod Kirby who recently wrote a very similiar post,

“4 Things The Book of Eli Can Teach You About Success”

I promise that he doesn’t give away the movie either, but you can watch the movie trailer on his post. Go check out his post and I’m sure you will be in the movie theater to watch The Book of Eli this weekend. :)

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3 Ways To Improve Your Blog in 6 Days

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I recently received an email message via LinkedIn to please call Michael Kroll. It has been amazing lately how many phone calls that have been initiated from my social media networks.problogger

I called him and we had an incredible conversation about his future goals and his current passions. It turns out that although we are in different fields of work, we have very similiar passions.

We both love to provide value, have a genuine desire to help people and a passion for writing.

We talked about blogging and the goals that we would like to achieve with our blogs.

A few days later, I saw an announcement from Darren Rowse, author of 31 Days To A Better Blog, and I just had to share what he has going on for the next 6 days.

Here are the details: 3 Bonuses

The 31DBBB workbook is in itself a really useful resource for this time of year. It contains 31 tasks designed specifically to get your blog firing again – but the bonuses extend this. I have had this workbook for almost a year and it is phenomenal! I have mine professionally bound and I use it as a reference often.**The bonuses are also available to those who already have the workbook.**

These bonuses are for a limited time only. To secure them, order your workbook in the next 6 days. The workbook is available for you to purchase and download now for just $19.95. It has a 30 day money back guarantee to ensure that this is the right purchase for you.
  1. A report by the name of 9 Things to Do to Get Your Blog On Track for the New Year – it is a 9 day extension of the 31 Day workbook and contains 9 extra tasks, particularly designed for the new year. This means you have 40 days of exercises to get you going.
  2. A 55 minute podcast with Leo Babauta from – this podcast is rich with tips on how Leo has launched his blogs and leveraged them to sell successful e-books and a best selling book.
  3. A 45 minute podcast interview with Neil Patel from – another practical podcast with Neil on how to drive traffic to blogs as well as tips on personal branding, SEO and more.

PLUS – In addition to this you also get the regular bonus for buying the workbook – an hour long podcast with Darren answering FAQs from buyers of the workbook.

All in all you get a little under 3 hours of previously unreleased and exclusive podcasts as well as the 9 days of exercises to get your blog going in the new year.

My hope is that this bundle will not only give you some inspiration but also some practical tips and first steps to take your blog to the next level.

Happy Blogging!

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Virtual Real Estate BarCamp Review II #vrebc

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This picture accurately describes what I have been feeling for the past few days after the 2nd Virtual Real Estate BarCamp on January 4th, 2010. It is vital to create a plan of action after an event like that or else the force of the information will just knock you over and you won’t take any action at all.

I will display the variety of classes and reveal just how hard it was to decide on which sessions to attend. Thankfully, all webinars were recorded and we will soon have the opportunity as free registrants to have access to them. The future plan is to have Virtual Real Estate BarCamps quarterly so the next one will be scheduled some time in April of this year.


I will list the classes that I attended, share some golden nuggets of wisdom that stood out to me, and specify my 3 focus goals from this event.

Flickr – The Last Truly Social, Social Network

I really underestimated this class. I really just thought Flickr was only a photo sharing site. I didn’t realize there is much more going on with groups and interaction with people. I have a Flickr icon on this blog but I haven’t activated my account, therefore it is not visible to you. I was inspired to open a Flickr account with some great ideas for photo uploads to my future account.

Twitter Essentials For 2010

I really loved the energy of Nicole & Reggie Nicolay! Their presentation was full of zest, passion, zeal and most importantly great Twitter ideas. My favorite tips from them were “Have a Tweet Plan” & “Give Your Content Legs” which means utilizing the RT (retweet) plugin on your blog which is the green button at the top of this post. So go ahead and click on that RT button now so others can read and share this article on Twitter.

Dominate Your Real Estate Market With Facebook

Ross Hair shared the power of creating Facebook groups and fan pages. Facebook groups allows you to email everyone in your group, however fan pages has a different spin on it. He didn’t get into this aspect, but I will share with you that Facebook fan pages allows your content to be displayed in the newsfeed of your fans. If your friends comment or like anything on your fan page, all of your network will be able to view their action which can cause others to join your fan page. Facebook fan pages are also indexed on Google which allows more Google juice for you and groups are not indexed on search engines. He prefers groups but I prefer Facebook fan pages.

The Value of Adding Posterous To Your Tool Belt

It was interesting to learn about posterous, a new way of blogging by sending emails to of text posts, photos, videos, MP3’s and files. To me, it doesn’t replace blogging in itself. I believe it’s another avenue to share content with a new audience. Brad Carroll from Dakno shared an incredible tip about creating a custom domain name instead of as this creates more Google juice for posterous. He suggests creating a sub-domain of your existing domain name so all of the SEO will go towards your site.

7 Strategies For Connecting With Agents

This class was specifically for mortgage professionals and I really enjoyed Mark Madsen’s presentation. He shared about establishing relationships with realtors that have blogs in your area by promoting their articles, tweeting about them on Twitter and posting their articles to your Facebook fan page. It’s a great way to build relationships. Be sure to be an active part of the realtor’s regular blog community and not a one time commenter.

Leverage The Power of Social Media in Real Estate

My friend, Jonathan Rivera shared about having your blog being the central focus of your marketing activity and having all of your social media sites pointing back to your blog, the main hub. This is the exact topic of my upcoming Social Media Marketing ebook with my major focus on Facebook, Twitter, WordPress blogging and Active Rain. I already have LinkedIn, Posterous, & Flickr set in my mind for my next ebook.

Innovative Community Engagement Strategies

I had the opportunity to attend the LA Twitter conference with Pat Kitano so I was excited to hear that he was presenting at #vrebc. He really focused on having a hyperlocal focus in your community. I really love his idea of having a Breaking News Twitter account for your city. In fact, I LOVE my city so much that I started SCVBreakingNews and Pat is going to consult with me with a few more stellar ideas.

Now you can understand why I felt like this after this incredible event:


So instead of stressing out over my to do list, I decided to choose 3 areas to focus on this year:

  1. Create a Flickr Account
  2. Create SCVBreaking News Twitter Account
  3. Create a Posterous Account

Stay tuned for the next Virtual Real Estate BarCamp event while I get ready for Mortgage Revolution!

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How LinkedIn Are You?

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This is my follow-up post to “Are You Really LinkedIn?”. If you missed this post, be sure to check it out because there are many golden nuggets of opportunity there.

I received so many emails and tweets asking when I would have another post on more LinkedIn strategies. It turns out that many people have a dormant profile and don’t understand the POWER of this social media network.

Here are the topics that I mentioned that I would cover in this LinkedIn article:

  • Quickly add hundreds of connections with just a few clicks
  • Use groups to send e-mails in your name to thousands of prospects
  • Get recommendations and referrals to help attract more clients

#1 Import Your Email Contact List

I have ignored the email import feature for a long time but WOW, when I actually imported my outlook, gmail, and yahoo contacts, I was AMAZED at the number of contacts that I really have in my contact manager. This allows for instant connections of hundreds of contacts with a few clicks.

#2 Use Groups To Connect With People

Most people join groups and never come back to participate in them. I can raise my hand and say that I’m guilty of this bad practice too. However, STARTING a group is a great way to have access to email your group as it grows. I’m really amazed at the size of various groups on LinkedIn, but then I remember that professionals really enjoy networking so I really shouldn’t be so surprised.

#3 Get Recommendations To Attract More Clients

This is one of the unique features of LinkedIn that sets it apart from other social media networks. How can you obtain recommendations? The best way is to give recommendations to your peers and they will return the favor. This is one area that I need to work on this year. It doesn’t take that much time, but if I don’t make it a focus, it won’t happen.

So what about you? Do you feel that LinkedIn is “The Redheaded Stepchild of Social Media?” (a term from Mike Mueller) Do you have any plans for this network in 2010? Be sure to connect with me on LinkedIn in the top right corner of my blog under my social media section.

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Happy New Year 2010!

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Please click on the image to view My Happy New Year Video! ENJOY!!

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