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How LinkedIn Are You?

By · January 5, 2010 · Filed in LinkedIn Strategies


This is my follow-up post to “Are You Really LinkedIn?”. If you missed this post, be sure to check it out because there are many golden nuggets of opportunity there.

I received so many emails and tweets asking when I would have another post on more LinkedIn strategies. It turns out that many people have a dormant profile and don’t understand the POWER of this social media network.

Here are the topics that I mentioned that I would cover in this LinkedIn article:

  • Quickly add hundreds of connections with just a few clicks
  • Use groups to send e-mails in your name to thousands of prospects
  • Get recommendations and referrals to help attract more clients

#1 Import Your Email Contact List

I have ignored the email import feature for a long time but WOW, when I actually imported my outlook, gmail, and yahoo contacts, I was AMAZED at the number of contacts that I really have in my contact manager. This allows for instant connections of hundreds of contacts with a few clicks.

#2 Use Groups To Connect With People

Most people join groups and never come back to participate in them. I can raise my hand and say that I’m guilty of this bad practice too. However, STARTING a group is a great way to have access to email your group as it grows. I’m really amazed at the size of various groups on LinkedIn, but then I remember that professionals really enjoy networking so I really shouldn’t be so surprised.

#3 Get Recommendations To Attract More Clients

This is one of the unique features of LinkedIn that sets it apart from other social media networks. How can you obtain recommendations? The best way is to give recommendations to your peers and they will return the favor. This is one area that I need to work on this year. It doesn’t take that much time, but if I don’t make it a focus, it won’t happen.

So what about you? Do you feel that LinkedIn is “The Redheaded Stepchild of Social Media?” (a term from Mike Mueller) Do you have any plans for this network in 2010? Be sure to connect with me on LinkedIn in the top right corner of my blog under my social media section.

Naomi Trower

Real Estate Broker
Premier Equity Group, Inc.
Real Estate Social Media Marketing
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  • Helene

    Hi Naomi, i don’t know but i think you started something here! Since reading your 1st post i reopened my LinkedIn account, somehow connected to a group that had a post about expanding your netwrok on LinkedIn and made a number of new contacts. I’ve also noticed more mentions of LinkedIn including one today on Mashable. Thanks for the info!

  • Naomi Trower

    Hi Helene, That’s great! Let me know the name of that group so I can join too! I also joined a Blackberry group which I love finding out new apps coming out & to ask questions. :)

  • Joe

    I really like the way you have put together your blog I added it to my reader keep up the good work. Have a great day

  • Helene

    Hi Naomi, it’s called On Startups – i don’t know if i can put the link in but i’ll try and see if it works. The post is called “want to expand your network…’ and there are over 1000 comments so far so that’s a good indication of the need for networking!

  • Naomi Trower

    Thanks for the heads up Helene! I just joined and “Wow!” 120,000+ members is amazing! :)

  • Taylor Fyhrie

    LinkedIn is a network where I could use some improvement so I’ll take all the tid bits I can get. I would guess that recomendations have had the most benefit as a Realtor using LinkedIn. Is that the case or are you finding that there is some other greater benefit that I may be missing?

  • Naomi Trower

    Recommendations have extreme value especially for Real Estate & Mortgage Professionals. Another great tip is to send a linkedin invite after closing transactions. This is another great way to boost your recommendations.