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Google Buzz This WordPress Plugin

By · February 11, 2010 · Filed in Google Buzz

I am testing the Google Buzz This WordPress Plugin button (pictured above). I was shocked that there was a WordPress plugin for this already. I believe that @Mashable was one of the 1st major social media sites that integrated the button into their

Of course, being the techy nerd that I am, I hunted down the actual Google Buzz This WordPress plugin.

I’ve played around with Google Buzz a bit and there are many people saying that don’t really like social media but they LOVE Google Buzz. Then there are people that love social media but feel they don’t need another site to log into every day. Here are a few need to knows:

Google Buzz integrates with Gmail only There is now a Buzz icon under your inbox where you can follow and find all of your favorite friends to find out the latest buzz.

Google Buzz integrates with Twitter, Flickr but NOT Facebook It is possible to pull in your tweets and flickr photos but you can’t send out buzz updates to other networks. I’m sure Facebook integration will be a future goal with 400 million users compared to Google’s 150+ million gmail users.

Google Buzz will soon have a mobile app Yes that’s right. It will be possible to update your buzz status via voice and geotag your posts.

The verdict is still out on how this new social media site could affect the real estate marketing industry but I’m sure many people will be testing out the pros and cons very soon.

Have you used Google Buzz yet? Who will win the race to integrate Google Buzz first? Will it be Hootsuite, Seesmic orTweetdeck? I love Hootsuite the most although they tend to take their time with integration. I think Seesmic will rush to the table to be the winner. What say you?

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