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The Niche Report – Resident Social Media Strategist – That’s Me!

By · February 25, 2010 · Filed in The Niche Report

Can I tell you how excited I am? The president of The Niche Report reached out to me to be their resident social media strategist for their mortgage blog! SWEET NIBLETS! Ok, I’ve been listening to Hannah Montana a bit too much but that’s what happens when you have kids that are obsessed with The Disney Channel. But I digress…


The Niche Report is a highly targeted mortgage finance trade magazine nationally circulated every month to 20,000 (with a reach of over 50,000) originators. There is a print magazine as well as an e-newsletter. I’m very excited to share with you that my blog posts will be featured in all 3 locations and my ebook will be featured in the April issue as well.

I will be sharing articles that give tips and strategies to market your mortgage business.

I would love if you could do 2 things for me!

1. Scroll down to find my articles and RT them (just click on the green button to the top right) after clicking this link The Niche Report!

2. Be sure to click and COMMENT on my first two guest posts below:

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Thank You! You are The Best!

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