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Women Just Have More Fun! Review of The WIN Conference

By · April 30, 2010 · Filed in Networking Events

It is in our nature as women to desire communication, encouragement and support especially at networking events. I had an opportunity to attend another incredible inaugural event on Sat April 17th, 2010:

The WIN (Women Information Network) Conference


The presenters are truly storytellers, sharing their inspiring stories and I will share the ones that had the most impact on me. I know that I will share these stories for years to come to my friends, family and children as well as to remember to share my own story.

Paula Fellingham, kim-colesthe host of the event, really knows how to choose an MC as Kim Coles was hilarious! I have to share the story about her and Les Brown as I nearly split open my gut from laughter.

She made a comment that she likes younger men and Les Brown brought it up while he was on stage. He is a cancer survivor and he made a decision to stay fit in order to stay healthy. I want to say that I heard him say that he is up to 100 pushups a day.

He then proceeded to do about 10-12 pushups on the stage effortlessly in his SUIT sharing that Kim might reconsider her statement about younger men.

“Younger men know how to sweep but older men know how to sweep in the right direction!” Les Brown

Kim hurried to the stage to say that she’s very open-minded after seeing all of that strength in a 66 year old man! :) OMG, it took a while before I could get focused again. Good times!

lisa-nicholsLisa Nichol’s story really just blew me away! It was the 1st story that I told to my family when I walked in the door.

The moral of the story is don’t overlook your special blessings or opportunities because it didn’t come to you in the package that you expected.

Enjoy and treasure that special moment because that exact moment will only happen once in a lifetime.

Now on to Lisa’s story…

Lisa had a dream to be on the Oprah Show. She would share with everyone that one day she would be on the Oprah Show; but not to jump on the white leather couch like Tom Cruise. She just wanted to sniff the aroma of Oprah’s white leather couch. The lingering aroma would mean “Ahhh, I’ve made it. I have fulfilled my dream!”

So guess what?!? She made it on to the Oprah Show!! She was soo excited to finally meet Oprah and smell the fragrance of her white leather couch. She’s walking down the hall with the other guests that would be on the stage with her and she’s looking around for the white leather couch. As she enters the main area, she’s horrified!

There is no white leather couch!

“What in the world?” she thought to herself. “What are those 5 black bar stools doing up there?” As she and the guests are interviewed, she leans back to see if she can see the white leather couch in another area but not really taking in the incredible experience of being on Oprah. She gets off the stage and all of her friends ask about her experience and she says, “Oh, it was great but I wasn’t able to smell the white leather couch!”

tom oprah's couch

Fast forward a few years, and now Lisa is about to host her first very own talk show. The staff is scurrying around her asking, “Do you like this, Ms. Nichols? What about these colors?” She doesn’t say anything because she is fixated on one area of the stage.

There in the middle of the room is what she has always desired…her very own white leather couch.. She walks across the room to sit on her very own white leather couch and smells the wonderful aroma. Little did she know that God had other plans for her white leather coach.

She realized at that moment that she made a mistake of not savoring that Oprah moment because that dream didn’t come in the package she expected. God had bigger plans for her; her very own white leather couch. Powerful story, right?

Well Les Brown’s story was just as incredible and inspirational about never giving up in life to reach your dreams. Les-Brown As a young man, he had a desire to be a radio show host. He went in for an interview for a local radio show and with no formal background or experience, the hiring manager sent him away.

Les went back to his mentor and asked what he should do at this point. After listening to his advice, Les went back to the same hiring manager the next day. “Didn’t I just see you yesterday?” asked the manager. “Yes, sir I came back just in case anyone was laid off sir” Les replied. “No, no one was laid off Mr. Brown.”

Les came back the next day and said, “Sir, I came back just in case anyone called in sick and you might need some extra help.” The hiring manager looked at him and said, “No, Mr. Brown all of my staff is accounted for but Thank you.”

So what do you think Les did the next day? You got it and this time the manager said, “Go get me some coffee!” So Les became his assistant and a few months later the radio host was going through a hard time. He was a bit intoxicated on the set so Les’ manager told him to call around to find a replacement dj.

Les proceeds to call his family to tell them to turn on the radio because he’s about to be live on the air! Les tells the manager that he wasn’t able to reach anyone but if given the chance, he knew that he could do it. The manager does a run through with him and soon the air waves are filled with “Hi everyone, Welcome to the Les Brown show!”

Here is a gallery of pics:


I’m having a blast attending local networking events. Next week I will be on the stage in a room full of MEN in San Francisco at Mortgage Revolution!

I will be speaking on how to effectively use blogging and social media in front of 300 mortgage professionals.

I can’t wait to share my review of this event! Wish me luck, please!

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