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3 Innovative Ways To Capture New Leads

By · June 4, 2010 · Filed in How To Capture New Leads

AWEBER_logoWhat is your favorite way to capture new leads for your business? One of my favorite tools that I have been using for several years is Aweber.

This email marketing tool allows you to build beautiful forms and provides hundreds of templates in multiple colors and themes in order to build your customer base.

 It is possible to offer a free report  or provide your potential clients valuable content over a period of days in exchange for their email address. It’s also a great way to send your top blog posts and monthly newsletters to your subscribers. I also enjoy sending special promotions to my subscriber base as a way of saying “Thank you” for being a part of my network.

infusionsoft-logoThere are various email marketing systems to choose from and a more robust system that quite a few big name marketers are currently using is called InfusionSoft.

Although I haven’t used this system, I’ve heard great reviews about Infusionsoft. It is possible to have a shopping cart to sell your products in addition to autoresponders. There are many additional features and here is a comparison chart to Salesforce and Constant Contact.

facebook-logoI have found it to be very effective to add these email subscriber or opt-in boxes to my Facebook profile, Facebook business page and my blog as you can see in my sidebar.

It is also very effective to add them to your individual blog posts. I will add one here as an example: [Feel free to enter your info to receive your tips for the next 7 days.]

Notice that I promise to provide valuable information for 7 consecutive days on how to market your business using social media in 30 minutes / day. It is imperative to write compelling words that people want to find out more. Your words should entice them to want to find out what is on the other side.

As people sign up to become part of your subscriber list, an email is sent to you telling you where the person found your email subscriber box. The largest amount of my new subscribers come from my personal Facebook profile and my Facebook business page which is another reason your business should be on Facebook.

Have you started your email marketing campaign? Which system are you currently using? Let us know in the comments below.

Naomi Trower
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  • Roger Swain

    Hi Naomi – as usual great advice. I started using Autoresponder email marketing six years ago with Constant Contact. This worked incredibly well to build my list of clients direct from my web page (before Facebook was really on the scene). Then four years ago I invested a lot of money in a new “all singing all dancing “web page with integrated relational database built into the back end – auto listing mailers as all new properties were uploaded; newsletter facility etc. With this all new technology I stopped using Constant Contact – thinking my new system would be as good or better. Guess what – The “call to action” of Constant Contact (pop-up or fade in) was not present in the new system, so the sign up rate dropped significantly. The sign in box in my new page was static and not under my control – so just faded into the back ground. The pre-written courses and time slotted content that had been sent automatically and over several months previously started losing the effect of catching clients when they were ready to buy – several moths after their first contact. Reviewing the whole situation has now prompted me to restart an autoresponder system asap – but also in conjunction with a whole new web page format. I spent a lot of money on the old system – but it is just too inflexible now and doesn't allow any integration of Social Media; Video or give me control over content (waiting for the webmaster syndrome). So I am now looking at putting together a WordPress based front end incorperating Studio Press Agent Press Child Theme – together with Mail Chimp (this mainly for the Socaila Media tools). Still at the drawing board stage but hope to have the bulk of the building and integration completed in a few weeks. Any hints and tips from any WordPress; StudioPress or Mail Chimp users would be much appreciated!!
    Keep up the great info Naomi.
    Saludos from Mallorca

  • Naomi Trower

    Hi Roger, I hope your next project goes well! I know that I need to consolidate my systems soon as I currently use Professional Cart for my shopping cart which has autoresponders included in the package.

  • NancyBiz

    So true, Naomi. I especially like your comment about compelling words that entice people to find out more. Anyone can work with great services and products, but you still have to use the right words to show the value of your offer. Thanks for the reminder! I'm going now to sharpen the words in my opt-in box.

  • Naomi Trower

    Hi Nancy! Thanks for stopping by here! :) Yes I've made several tweaks to my optin box starting out with Get 7 Days of FREE Tips to Market Your Real Estate or Mortgage Business via Social Media in LESS Time to 1 hour / day to finally 30 min / day!

  • adsense alternatives

    Aweber rocks!

  • Naomi Trower

    I have to agree with you there. :)

  • Howard Shen

    hey Naomi,
    thank you for this post. :)

    keep it up,

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