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Interviews With 6 Figure Real Estate Agents

By · June 24, 2010 · Filed in Real Estate Marketing

What is 6 Figure Real Estate Agents?

6 Figure Real Estate Agents is a membership community. When you join, you will receive exclusive audio coaching modules every week that feature a leading industry expert who has done what you want to do in your business.

Your task is to listen, learn, and follow their lead.

Each coaching module comes to your inbox as a downloadable mp3 file. You can download them directly to your computer, mp3 player, or smartphone.

It’s similar to having a business coach, a technology expert, and a marketing guru in your pocket to walk you through every step of building a real estate business – whether you’re just beginning or an established broker-owner.

I was honored to receive a call to schedule an interview with Nancy Camden. I thought it would be a neat idea to share with you my upcoming featured interview. Enjoy!

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