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How To Use Real Estate Pro For LinkedIn

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Real Estate Pro is the newest edition to LinkedIn’s suite of applications. Real Estate Pro is the easiest way to stay informed about your local real estate and office space marketplace. Use it to find office space listings for lease and properties for sale. Follow and connect with active brokers and professionals, track new property listings and see the latest deals in your market.

Real estate professionals: Use Real Estate Pro to feature property listings and promote client transactions on your Linkedin profile. Easily share your work and completed deals with your business connections, track your market, create a following, promote your expertise and develop new business.

Whether you’re searching for real estate or marketing listings and your expertise, this 2 minute video will give you a quick idea of what you can do with Real Estate Pro:

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Blog World 2010 Early Bird Pricing Ends TONIGHT!

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Join the top bloggers and new media experts in the world at BlogWorld Expo 2010

This video recapping Blog World Expo 2009 just makes me that much more excited for this year’s event.

>>>>Today July 15th at midnight PST is the last day to register for early bird pricing!<<<<<

Register for BlogWorld before 7/15 and SAVE up to $595 off your Full Access Pass!



So far the confirmed speakers are:



Content Creation

Social Media Business Summit

Tools and Technology

New Media 101

New Media 102


Blog World 2010 will be featuring sports, Real Estate Blogging, food blogging, medblogging, milblogging and travel blogging tracks. I am super excited to meet & network with so many great people and of course PARTY! Be sure to check out more video coverage of Blog World 2009. Will you be attending this event? Let us know in the comments…

Naomi Trower
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How TO: Setup A Self Hosted WordPress Blog

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Where does blogging fit into your social media mix? Many people that I encounter still haven’t taken the time to start a blog for their business. Blogging should be one of the main cores of your business; it should be right in the middle of your social media mix, the bullseye; the main target.

Blogging is important due to being highly indexed on internet search engines by providing consistent information in your particular niche. What does that really mean? This means if you consistently write on a particular topic, the search engines will start to recognize you as the authority in that particular area and raise your website higher in the rankings.

blog-targetIt is important to note that your blog is the hub where all of your social media networks feed into for optimal exposure. Some people feel overwhelmed by the notion of starting and maintaining a blog so I thought I would discuss the necessary steps to setup your wordpress blog as well as share the top wordpress plugins to get you off to a racing start. (more…)

How To Stay Successful In This Market Interview

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Here is another LIVE client success interview hosted by Practice Pay Solutions, a monthly-recorded interview that is designed to provide you a clear understanding of the connection between success and creating systems in your business.

Cheri Ruskus, of Business Victories reached out to me to schedule an interview and I was honored to be a featured guest.

In the interview below you will hear:

  • How To Stay Successful In This Market
  • How To Use Your Blog To Write a Book
  • Which Social Media Sites Are Effective
  • Social Media Monitoring Tools

Naomi Trower
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Social Media Real Estate Marketing
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