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Mortgage Revolution New York Oct. 15-17th

By · October 7, 2010 · Filed in Mortgage Revolution New York

The Mortgage Revolution is a grass-roots movement of true mortgage professionals joining forces to influence a positive change in our industry.

We’re organizing a non-profit, spam free event for the purpose of bringing the surviving loan officers together to form a new breed of leadership.

Inspired by the REbarcamp movement and Bloodhound Blog Unchained events that have taken over the real estate technology world, Mortgage Revolution is tailored to meet the specific education, marketing, and networking needs of today’s loan originators.

A true educational experience provided by the participants and volunteer event coordinators.

Even though the first big meet-up was held in Atlanta, we plan on giving our blue-print to other originators who want to host regional Mortgage Revolutions in their neck of the country.

Organized chaos, high level brainstorming, user generated experience…. are great ways to describe these events.

Everyone is an expert at something, and the members of the Revolution sincerely believe that the key to success is to enable the success of others.

Show up, network, organize, share, teach, learn – you are responsible for your own education.

Why A Revolution?

Because we’re not happy with the way things have been…. and it’s time for the surviving mortgage professionals to work as a team and take personal responsibility for our future.

We’re tired of the media painting all originators as crooks, and we don’t want our family members and friends to be ashamed to tell people what we do for a living any longer.

Our Mission is to empower loan officers and the mortgage industry by setting higher standards for transparency in lending and ethical business conduct.

We believe that mortgage reform needs to come from within and it is up to us to protect the profession that we love.

I was able to attend Mortgage Revolution San Francisco earlier this year and also had the honor of speaking about Mortgage Blogging.  It was an incredible event. Although I will be in Las Vegas Blog World at the same time as Mortgage Revolution New York, I urge you to attend this power packed event!

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