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HOW TO: ATTRACT Your Perfect Client Online

By · November 16, 2010 · Filed in Attract Your Perfect Client Online

If you are anything like most real estate professionals,


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At least, that’s what you thought, until you received your first lead from your blog or found your first client on Facebook. Then the light bulb went off..”Hey this stuff is working! How can I get even more results?” Let me share with you some of the top things that have been continually bringing new clients in my online world.

Finding More Fans For Your Facebook Page

I hit the jackpot recently by testing a few different Facebook engagement advertisements for my Facebook business page. I actually had to stop the ad because it was converting too well and I didn’t plan to spend that much money so fast! :) Most people do not click on the ads in the sidebar while on Facebook, but think about it..What draws your attention away from your newsfeed the most?

PICTURES! It was amazing the results that I received just by simply changing the picture. It’s very important to find a picture that will draw their attention. Here is the picture that drew so much attention to my target audience:


My ad simply said “Social Media for Real Estate & Mortgage. Join our Page!” The sweet spot was that my target audience were all popular real estate & mortgage related fan pages. This means that my face would pop up on the sidebar of all of the profiles of people that are part of these pages. The funny thing is that I’ve tried different words to entice people to click on my ad but it was the picture that drew the most people to my page. Ok, on to the next goodie…

Target People On Their Birthday

 I have a natural tendency to remember birthdays. Can you believe that I remember birthdays of my friends from grade school? Obviously these people have left an impression on me so I love to celebrate them. I’ve had many people tell me that they didn’t have anyone in real life tell them Happy Birthday but their Facebook friends really encouraged them on their special day. It is possible to create another Facebook ad with your picture just simply saying “Happy Birthday from Me to You” with a link back to your fan page. Again, choose birthdays from your target market by selecting related Facebook pages.

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Get Found By Blogging

Here is another great story from one of my Facebook friends. I received a message that said, “I was doing a Google search on how to promote my Facebook fan page and guess who’s article came up in the top of the list?” Wow! I wrote that article 1 year ago on Social Media Examiner and I’m still getting clients as a result of that blog post. The more that you write about the top questions that your clients have, the more chances that your perfect client will find you online. This resource below, 31 Days To Build a Better Blog has helped me tremendously to grow my blog.

What Results Are You Looking For?

Are you looking for more results in your social media and online efforts? Let us know in the comments what area that you would like to see more results in your business.

Here are a few great examples of what you can do with Facebook engagement ads:

1. Grow Your email list

2. Grow Your Facebook fan page

3. Grow your real estate or mortgage team

Be sure to connect with me for help with your next Facebook engagement ad.

Naomi Trower
Real Estate Broker
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  • wchingya

    Are you the sweetest, Naomi. :-) Very few people could actually remember friends’ birthdays nowadays, what more grade school! We rely too much on technology, which is why a human touch like what you suggested may work, even for ads (your testimonial about fb ad is tempting, when the time comes I’ll definitely give it a shot). Love your new profile pic too. :-)

    Social/Blogging Tracker

  • Naomi Trower

    Aww thanks so much! I appreciate your kind words! Let me know how it goes when you try out the fb ad. :)

  • Jason

    Hi Naomi,

    This is a great article about using online marketing tools to help directly with the real estate business. Updating photos, interacting with blogs, and “targeting” people on their birthday are all great tips. I actually started following you on Facebook through other pages. We should connect there