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Social Media For Real Estate & Mortgage Ebook #2

By · December 19, 2010 · Filed in Real Estate Marketing

I am so excited to share that I’ve been busy working on the chapters of my next book, Social Media For Real Estate & Mortgage. I will be giving my first Real Estate Marketing ebook away free with a purchase of my new book for a limited initial launch period. There will also be a special offer for those who have already purchased my first book.

Of course, I’d love your feedback on some of the chapter content. Does it interest you? Is there more that you’d like to learn about? Here is the chapter list so far:

Jump Start Your Business with Webinars

How To Attract Clients To Webinars with Facebook Ads

How To Attract Your Perfect Client Online

How To Use Twitter More Effectively

3 Ways to Use Location Based Twitter Marketing

6 Powerful LinkedIn Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

How To Use Real Estate Pro for LinkedIn

3 Innovative Ways to Capture New Leads

Growing Your Business with Local Events

Great suggestion by my friend Are Morch

Expanding on 2011 Social Media Marketing Industry Report

What Does Social Media Mean For The Mortgage Industry Anyway? (graphs & charts)

Change to the title given to me from my friend Drew Brenner

How To Setup A Self Hosted WordPress Blog

Reminder from my friend John Yang

How To Manage Multiple Social Media Networks Using Hootsuite

Suggested by my friend Montrice Williams

How To Integrate Video Into Your Marketing

Suggested by my friends Marcie Hill & John Yang

I’d love to hear from you so please let me know in the comments your thoughts and ideas!

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  • BillionDollarBlogger

    These topics sound good to me. These are just general chapters, right? You’re going to break them down by topic? For example, Section 1 would be social media and then you would break the chapters down by FB, Twitter and LinkedIn. Section 2 Would be Webinars, etc.

    Are you going to include anything about YouTube? That’s the 3rd largest online site after Facebook and Google (well, it is for this month).

    One last thought, do you think you would include anything about Skype? I’m just asking because I really love it. :)

    All the best to you with your book!!

  • Naomi Trower

    Hi Marcie! Great questions! I’m on the fence about adding a video marketing section only because that is more my hubbie’s forte. However, I could interview him for that section of the book. Thanks for sparking that idea. I use Skype but I don’t want to broaden my focus too much. I’d rather make that part of another book if I decide to go with that topic. Thanks so much!

  • Naomi Trower

    Oh yes I plan to break it down by social media section. :)

  • John Yang

    Naomi – Congratulations on your new project. Can’t wait to read your next social media book. Here are a few more topics or ideas to consider for your book: Video Marketing and WordPress Blog. Happy Holidays!

  • Naomi Trower

    Thanks so much John! You just reminded me to add in How to setup a wordpress blog.. I totally forgot that one. This is great to jog my own memory. :) Thanks again…I left my thoughts about video in the comment below.

  • Naomi Trower

    Oops meant to say to jog my own memory. Disqus commenting system is having issues and I can’t edit right now.

  • Are Morch

    WTG my friend.

    How To Network Outside Your Traditional Market With Social Media?

    Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you and your family..

    Cheers.. Are

  • Naomi Trower

    Hi Are! Thanks so much for your thought. That will fit in nicely in the section of how to grow your business with events. :)

  • Naomi Trower

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to yours as well. I need to get your business address. I have a Christmas card for you. :)

  • Are Morch

    Sent you my business address though Facebook.

    Cheers.. Are

  • Naomi Trower

    Very cool! Thanks!

  • Las Vegas Mortgage Tips

    Hi Naomi – Congrats on the new project. I just connected with you on FB a short while ago and have not yet purchased your first book, but will get your new book.

    I’m interested in utilizing Hootsuite to manage multiple conversations on social networks as well as your thoughts on video marketing (which is my preference since I’m really not writer as I write this long comment…lol).

    Thanks Darrell Evans

  • Naomi Trower

    Hi Darrell! I just connected with you on Twitter as well! LOL at your long comment. I welcome them. :)

  • San Diego real estate

    Wow!  Im looking forward to get a chance reading this ebook. I know it would really help me market my real estate business.