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7 Tips To Market Your Real Estate Business with Social Media in 30 min / Day

By · December 9, 2011 · Filed in Real Estate Social Media Ebook

I know your story…As a real estate or mortgage professional you just don’t have the time to deal with social media. I hear this every day – in fact I’m receiving many requests to start a company that manages social media profiles specifically for real estate and mortgage professionals.


Here are 7 Tips To Market Your Real Estate Business with Social Media in 30 Minutes / Day

Tip #1 Find Your Clients Favorite Social Media Sites

As you attend events or meet new clients be sure to look them up on social networks to connect with them. This will allow you to maintain an online relationship with them and to get to know you better as well.

Tip #2 Choose Your Specific Social Media Network(s)


The mistake that most people make is they try to be everywhere at once. Although it is a great strategy to have multiple social media profiles, it is best to focus on 1 or 2 networks at first and gradually add more as time permits. This helps you to gain authority and trust in one area at time.

Tip #3 Become Facebook Fans of Pages in Your Niche

Yes I mean hit the ‘LIKE’ buttons for active & current Facebook pages that are related to your particular expertise such as First Time Homebuyers or Loan Refinance for example. Simply do a Facebook search for pages and quickly review those pages that are active and current and are in your target market. This will set you up to target these pages when you initiate your Facebook Advertising campaign.

Tip #4 Discover Local Leads Using Twitter

Search for questions in your community by doing a search with the name of your city and certain keywords. You can narrow down your search by adding words such as “home buying”, or “tired of renting” or “excited to move in” to reach out to people by answering questions that they may have. This same strategy can be used with LinkedIn as well in the Answers section.

Tip #5 Make Your Business Updates Interesting & Fun For Comments

Here is an update that I posted and received many comments and questions,

“Just walked into an open house with 7 bedrooms and an elevator! Any takers?”


“Just hosted a loan webinar with 200 registrants! Were you there? Why not?”

You want to create an atmosphere of conversation and engagement to stay on top of mind when your services are needed. Your goal is to be viewed as their trusted advisor.

Tip #6 Celebrate Birthdays

Happy-BirthdayPhoto Credit: Shutterstock

I’ve heard many people share that they didn’t receive any birthday wishes in person but had tons of people share their sentiments on Facebook. It’s always nice to take it one step further by also saying Happy Birthday to the same person on different networks like Facebook & Twitter for example. People don’t care about how much you know until you share how much you care.

Tip #7 Comment and Interact with Your Clients on Social Networks

There are many lurkers on social networks with not much interaction. Go ahead and join in on the conversation. Celebrate their victories and offer condolances as you see them in your newsfeed. I have had many people that I haven’t met in person tell me online that they feel like I am their sister. It just makes it that much more natural to do business with them.

Here is a great article that shares

12 Ways To Improve Social Media Marketing in 2012

This is just a start but it doesn’t have to take a lot of time. Let us know what has worked for you in the comments!

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Naomi Trower is an authority on social media marketing for the real estate and mortgage industries. Her articles have appeared in The Niche Report, Social Media Examiner and Social Media Marketing Camp. This inspired her to write her popular ebook, Social Media Marketing for Mortgage & Real Estate Professionals, which will be released in it’s 2nd edition later this year. Naomi has also been seen on stage at prestigious industry events such as Mortgage Revolution San Francisco and Agent Reboot Los Angeles. Naomi and her husband Kylon are the owners of Premier Equity and Premier Realty Group, operating with a team of both mortgage and real estate professionals. For the last 10 years, they have established proven success strategies to thrive in today’s economy. Connect with her on her blog

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