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As an affiliate for selling my ebook, you will receive 60% commission. For every $19.95 sale, you will receive $12. I send out commissions on the 1st of every month via paypal.

Thanks for your interest in becoming an affiliate for Social Media For Real Estate & Mortgage. When you refer a sale, you will earn 60% commission off of the purchase price of the eBook. In order to sign up, you will need to:

  • Sign up or login to your eJunkie account after clicking the link below.
  • Join the Social Media For Real Estate affiliate program.
  • Get your Affiliate Code by selecting Naomi Trower as the Merchant and click Get Affiliate Code, then select Social Media For Real Estate and click Get Affiliate Code.
  • Use that code anywhere you link to the eBook.

Also, please feel free to use the following image on your website with your affiliate code!


Stay tuned as I’m working on ebook #2. Thank you!

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