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#140tc 3 Ways To Grow Your Business

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One of the TOP highlights of the #140tc LA Twitter Conference was the speech by Tony Robbins. I heard that he is a phenomenal speaker but I didn’t have a clue about his resume. I’ll include a snapshot from his personal bio:


Anthony Robbins
World Authority on Leadership Psychology

For the past three decades, Anthony Robbins has served as an advisor to leaders around the world. A recognized authority on the psychology of leadership, negotiations, organizational turnaround, and peak performance, he has been honored consistently for his strategic intellect and humanitarian endeavors.

Robbins has met with, consulted, or advised international leaders including Nelson Mandela, Mikhail Gorbachev, Margaret Thatcher, Francois Mitterrand, Princess Diana, and Mother Teresa. He has consulted members of two royal families, members of the U.S. Congress, the U.S. Army, the U.S. Marines and three U.S. Presidents, including Bill Clinton.

Wow! I’m sure that not all of our attendees realized how incredibly blessed we were to have him in our presence. I remember attempting to explain to a few people in my immediate area that weren’t very familiar with him. I will post a few quotes from him and add a few concepts that he shared that really exemplify ways to grow your business.


Ok, can you see me in the front row in the green? That’s me, front row and ready to go! Where’s Waldo? I mean, Where’s Naomi? :) Here are a few quotes that he shared during our conference:


“Our culture is on the surface but we need to go deeper in our relationships” Tony Robbins

“As a leader, you have to see life better than it is which is VISION” Tony Robbins

“Business is just motivation and marketing” Peter Drucker via Tony Robbins



He shared that there are two mental states in which we operate on a consistent basis.

Our moment to moment state can change under different circumstances numerous times in a given period. Our long term blueprint is who we are as a person or a business which coincides with our brand. These are the two forces that influence our decision making process.


This led into using your blueprint to grow your business. There are

3 Ways to Grow a Business

1. Increase your number of clients.

2. Increase the average transaction value.

3. Increase the frequency of repurchase.


I think we as a company have done a great job with #3. Increase the number of repurchase clients. We have had many clients that bought their 1st home with us, refinanced with us and bought their investment home with us as well.

The main area that I’m working on personally is to increase my number of clients in the realm of social media marketing for real estate and mortgage professionals. It’s been amazing the number of people that are very interested in this area of marketing for their business.

If you would like 1 email for 7 days that will get you started in Social Media Marketing for Real Estate and Mortgage Professionals, be sure to enter your information here:

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If you’d like to see pictures of celebrities that I met (Tony Hawk, Guy Kawasaki, etc) and the newest Twitter tools, be sure to check out How to Grow Your Following with Events and Top 7 Newest Twitter Applications.

Which area do you need to grow in the most in your business? Be sure to leave your answer in the comments below!

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#140tc Top 7 Newest Twitter Applications

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Did you know that the #140tc LA Twitter Conference was featured in Business Week? The conference was also a trending topic on Twitter. It was funny to see random people ask, “What is #140tc?” There were a few times where I helped to answer that question during the conference.

There were so many neat new Twitter applications that I decided to do a separate post just for this topic.  Here are some of the cool applications that were shared at the conference:

Top 7 Newest Twitter Applications

peoplebrowsr is a great tool to see positive or negative tweets about you and your brand. I especially love the search feature which allows search much farther in history than just

tidytweet I really loved this one which rejects spam words, spam accounts and ways to keep your Twitter feed clean! Twitter spam has been rampant lately. This is a great tool to help with this growing problem on Twitter.

backtweets This allows you to search for certain links on Twitter

Oneforty is a place to find a number of Twitter tools in one place and lists the top 10 Twitter tools.

klout measures your influence on Twitter. I was honored to be on the influencer list as part of the #140tc conference!

myinview is a powerful solution for monitoring, receiving instant notifications, and responding to anything that matters to you on Twitter.

Twendz this is sentiment analyzer which will rate the percentage of positive or negative tweets about a brand, person or business.

Here are a few extra sites that I use to enhance my Twitter experience. allows you to see the peak and low times of your favorite tweeps! allows you set up email alerts for certain tweets that are of interest to you. allows you see your or others trends such as who you RT the most, who you reply to the most and shows your most active tweet months and days!


I also learned that Facebook is not an open source platform in terms of search engine indexing. Facebook fan pages are the only open source platform where you can get indexed on the search engines. That is why I posted Top 4 Reasons You Need a Facebook Fan Page.

Twitter is an open source platform in which each of your tweets are indexed on search engines. You can be found on search engines by adding more keywords specific to your brand in your tweets.

Don’t get overwhelmed with too many tools. Just choose a few at a time and manage your time wisely!

Be sure to check my 1st review of the #140tc Conference at How To Grow Your Followers with Events. You can see some of the celebrities that I met at the conference. I will have my 3rd post in this series, 3 Ways to Grow Your Business, featuring Tony Robbins’ keynote speech either Monday or Tuesday of this week.

What are some of your favorite Twitter applications or which one of the above is most useful or fun for you? Have fun with these new Twitter applications!

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#140tc How To Grow Your Followers with Events

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#140tc LA Twitter Conference 2009 was a spectacular event. I barely slept the night before in excitement to meet so many new people. I met so many beautiful, intelligent, business savvy people. I wasn’t surprised in any way because I knew that the Twitterverse is full of people like this.

In order to avoid major LA traffic, I left my house super early and was the first one to arrive at the event (even before the event coordinators! :)) I decided to take a few pre-shots before the rush of people that would be bustling around the place. Here are a few of my favorite pictures:



It is vital to be prepared to be giving at these events and really get to know people. It is definitely not the time to be a fly on the wall and observe. It’s a time to engage, have quality conversation and answer questions. This statement was an actual answer that I tweeted during the Branding Your Business panel:

@NaomiTrower #140tc What are key metrics to measure social media branding? Engagement, quality of conversation and answering questions.

Do an evaluation of your Twitter and Facebook stream. Is there engagement? Is there quality conversation? Are you answering questions? This is just food for thought that helps to grow your followers and fans on Twitter and Facebook.

Here are the first people that I met and had breakfast with at the conference:

@GroceryOutlet (Kelly, in charge of Social Media for her job)
@XavierDao (Works for Avery Dennison)
@UnbelievaBeal (Stephanie works in PR for Ketchum)


Here are some more people that I met later on that day:

@RoseannHiggins (S.P.I.E.S. Single Professional Introductions for the Especially Selective)
@ValleyGirlShow (Jesse Draper from Nickelodeon’s Naked Brother’s Band)
@UnbelievaBeal (Stephanie works in PR for Ketchum)


As the various panelists spoke, I quickly wrote down so many great quotes and notes and was often RT’ed during the conference. It was neat to see all of our tweets on a big screen. I wasn’t even aware of all of the new followers I gained just from tweeting the tidbits of info that stuck with me most. Here are a few examples:

RT @NaomiTrower Social openness can create great partnerships! quote from Biz Stone about how he and Evan met.

RT @NaomiTrower “Twitter is the triumph of humanity, not the triumph of technology” quote from Biz Stone

RT @NaomiTrower Keep it real and stay engaged with your friends on Twitter

RT @NaomiTrower I love @LoniLove’s comments about making efforts to respond to @ messages. It makes people feel *special*


Of course, I was especially jazzed to meet some celebrities, entrepreneurs and social media mavens. I had great talks with Denise Wakeman about business blogging and I wasn’t even aware that she has fitness blog too! We exchanged cards and I made a note to check out her fitness blog and she said she would check out my fitness blog as well.


Isn’t this a great photo of Denise Wakeman and Mari Smith? I told Mari that the camera didn’t have to do much work to capture the beauty of these two women! :) I have really learned a lot from these two as I’m a business blogger as well as an avid social media user.

Here are a few more celebrities and entrepreneurs that I was able to get a few shots with or listen to as a panelist:

@GuyKawasaki @LoniLove

@iJustine   @Tyrese4Real

@Chamillionaire @AdventureGirl

@TonyHawk (I’m now officially a COOL MOM! :))

It was interesting to see and hear everyone’s reaction when I told them that I’m in the real estate and mortgage business. Here is what I heard:

“Oh wow! How is that going?”

“Are things rough for ya?”

I answered honestly and said there were a few slow months but we decided to stay ahead of the game by finding what our clients want most:

TRANSPARENCY in the Real Estate / Mortgage Process

We provided that online technology for our clients and new business continually flows into our office. As a real estate or mortgage professional you may think, why would I want to go to an event like this? Well as Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter stated,

“Social openness can create great partnerships!”

Stay tuned for Part II (Top 7 Newest Twitter Apps) and III (3 Ways To Grow Your Business) of my LA Twitter Conference 2009 series. There were just too many golden nuggets of information to put in one post. What event are you headed to next? I need to check my calendar…

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