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4 Reasons Facebook Timeline Isn’t Working For Your Business

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                                                                Photo Credit: My Facebook Page

Do you want to know why the new Facebook timeline isn’t working for your business? Not sure why your fans are not interacting on your page despite posting at different times? Here are 4 reasons and I will share solutions for you:

1. Facebook Edgerank

EdgeRank is an algorithm developed by Facebook to govern what is displayed (and how high) on the News Feed. This score represents how people interact with your content on Facebook whether they like, comment and how often with your status updates, photos or videos. The score is made up of elements called Affinity, Weight, and Time Decay as this picture shows from the Egderank blog:

Photo Credit: Edgerank Blog

Affinity is built by repeat interactions with your brand. If someone likes or comments on your content often, your page will show in their newsfeed often.

Weight refers to certain actions on Facebook that carry more weight such as commenting has a higher ranking than liking content.

Time Decay refers to how long your photo, update or video has been alive; the older it is the less value it has. If you receive a large number of comments and likes within the 1st hour, your update will last longer in the newsfeed.

SOLUTION: Check your page insights to find out which posts obtain the most engagement. Take note of the day of the week and time to determine the best days and times for your audience. Vary your content and posting times as well as continue to review your insight stats.

2. 90% of Your Fans Are Lurkers

Even if some of your fans don’t see your content anymore, there may be some that see your content but just don’t interact with your page, also known as lurkers. It could be because it may not interest them or something else in the newsfeed has caught their attention.

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SOLUTION:  The newsfeed moves fast so it’s important to provide eye catching photos, attention grabbing headlines and mesmerizing videos. It’s also important to remember that less is more.  Studies have shown that more engagement is seen with status updates of 80 characters or less. Most people don’t want to take the time to read long, drawn out text on Facebook. This also applies to videos. People are more likely to view a 1-2 minute video in length with a catchy title than one that shows to be 5 minutes long.

3. Lack of Facebook Ad Usage

I believe Facebook Ads are the best way to grow your page and increase engagement. There are so many different ways to promote your page on Facebook. You can feature a certain post on your page or you can request more likes by targeting fans of other relevant & related pages.

Here is post that I wrote which gives you a great way to increase your fan base and engagement. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, be sure to check out an article that I wrote for Social Media Examiner on cost effective Facebook ads. Here is another great article by my friend Amy Porterfield, 9 Facebook Ad Expert Tips to Create Bigger Results with Your Facebook Ads with more great ideas for you.

SOLUTION: Try out different Facebook ads and test which photos and verbiage garners the most likes and engagement for your page. Utilizing Facebook advertising is the best solution to grow a stagnant page.

4. No Engagement Strategy

Since Edgerank plays such a huge role in who sees your content on Facebook, an engagement stategy is vital for your business. The time decay factor of the algorithm has a shorter time span for your posts so now posting more often in one day is often necessary.

Again, you will want to track your engagement strategy by viewing your page insights. Your engagement strategy will consist of finding what your audience likes to interact with most on your page. It could be engaging videos, snazzy photos or jaw dropping updates.

SOLUTION: The new milestone feature is a great way to feature your brand. If you were a speaker at an event, you can add that as a milestone and tag the people that you enjoyed meeting there. This can bring engagement of remembering the time you experienced together. This also works for creating a milestone for closing escrow for a client.

Let me know of any other creative ways to increase your fans and engagement on your Facebook page. We would be happy to hear about them in the comments below, so strike up the conversation!

Naomi Trower is an authority on social media marketing for the real estate and mortgage industries. Her articles have appeared in The Niche Report, Social Media Examiner and Social Media Marketing Camp. This inspired her to write her popular ebook, Social Media Marketing for Mortgage & Real Estate Professionals, which will be released in it’s 2nd edition later this year. Naomi has also been seen on stage at prestigious industry events such as Mortgage Revolution San Francisco and Agent Reboot Los Angeles. Naomi and her husband Kylon are the owners of Premier Equity and Premier Realty Group, operating with a team of both mortgage and real estate professionals. For the last 10 years, they have established proven success strategies to thrive in today’s economy. Connect with her on her blog

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