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How TO: Setup A Self Hosted WordPress Blog

By · July 13, 2010 · Filed in How To Setup a Wordpress Blog · 10 Comments »

Where does blogging fit into your social media mix? Many people that I encounter still haven’t taken the time to start a blog for their business. Blogging should be one of the main cores of your business; it should be right in the middle of your social media mix, the bullseye; the main target.

Blogging is important due to being highly indexed on internet search engines by providing consistent information in your particular niche. What does that really mean? This means if you consistently write on a particular topic, the search engines will start to recognize you as the authority in that particular area and raise your website higher in the rankings.

blog-targetIt is important to note that your blog is the hub where all of your social media networks feed into for optimal exposure. Some people feel overwhelmed by the notion of starting and maintaining a blog so I thought I would discuss the necessary steps to setup your wordpress blog as well as share the top wordpress plugins to get you off to a racing start. (more…)