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How To Use Twitter Lists

By · October 17, 2009 · Filed in How To Use Twitter Lists, Twitter Lists · 4 Comments »


Twitter has finally released their new Twitter List Feature. However, it is only being released to a certain amount of users. You will need to check your Twitter account often to see if your account has been activated before you can start using the feature. It will be obvious that your account has been activated because you will see the list feature on your account.

You can view this Twitter List demo video by Mari Smith which she recorded live at BlogWorld Expo 2009. It gives you an idea of how you can use this new feature. Of course, there will be a follow-up post here at Social Media Marketing as I work with Twitter lists on my own. I will give ideas how to use this feature in your mortgage and real estate business. For now, get a sneak peak with this video.

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