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Inspiring Video For Your Business

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The Power of Video In Your Business

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animoto_logoMore and more people want to read less and watch videos to obtain their information.

It is so much easier for me to write blog posts, then to get myself ready for a video! :)

As women, in order to be presentable online, we have to put on makeup and style our hair. My husband is bald so he doesn’t have to deal with bed head. Therefore, he is the video master in our household.

I enjoy waking up, bed head and all to start banging out some articles. I rarely get in front of a camera…but then I found…Ahhh!!!  A Woman’s Dream!

Animoto is a site where you can upload photos and even short video clips and they will process it into a professional video with music that you can choose from various musical genres.

There is an area for ideas to promote your real estate business on the site which can be an incredible tool for showcasing your listings.

  • Create free 30 sec videos
  • Create longer videos for a fee (try one for $3)
  • Pay for extended use or professional version

Here is a quick video that I created in minutes:

Have fun creating your videos! Leave a link in the comments with your animoto video after you create one.

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