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7 Year Old Girl Scout Sold 353 Cookies in 2 Weeks & What That Means In Your Business

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Many people thought this story would be about my daughter and although she is a fiesty rockstar, this is about another fiery little red-haired gal that is in my daughter’s girl scout troop. We all know that this gal will eventually be a powerhouse CEO or a super Real Estate mogul one day.

So you would think that her parents took her girl scout brochure to their workplace & sold like crazy for her…


She took the majority of the initiative by herself with her sales. Here are the key components to her success and how it relates to your business.

Innovative New Product

There is an innovative new cookie flavor that she raved about after she warmly said hello to every person she came into contact with in her world. Think through your business. Are you staying on the cutting edge? What products are out there that can bring in more business for you? Align yourself with top producers in your niche and find out what systems are working for them or create a product yourself and fill in the void for your area of expertise.

Utilize Every Opportunity

I appreciate her intense focus by using every opportunity to make a sale. She asked her favorite teachers, she asked her parents to join her as she asked her neighbors. She recently moved to a new neighborhood but she didn’t let that obstacle stop her.  What local farming systems do you have in place to generate leads? Do you have a good stay in touch system with your past clients? Are you attending local events in your community?

Actually most of her sales came from previous customers.

Massive Exposure

Girl Scouts sure has come a long way since I was a scout. Now there is an online system for the girls to keep track of their goals and to stay in contact with their past customers. Their email contact system is amazing with a promise to purchase option along with a great follow-up system. This broadens her reach and an email marketing system can do the same for your business.

Social media is another amazing channel that can broaden your reach. Are you using social media in the best way for your particular market that brings massive exposure? Are you aligning yourself with best practices and mentors that bring results? Remember this 7 year old girl as you go about your day:

  • Stay Focused
  • Stay Innovative
  • Stay Connected

as you fly to the top in your business. I am signing off now to be a superwoman in my world but let me know in the comments in what ways you can be like this 7 year old gal.

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3 Mistakes To Avoid Using Social Media For Real Estate

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This is a great video from Scott Stratten author of Unmarketing. He focuses on things to avoid for Real Estate Agents. Be sure to implement these changes NOW! These sites Santa Clarita Breaking News Twitter & Santa Clarita Breaking News Facebook are a few examples of how to use community based events to draw people to your website.

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