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How To Use Twitter To Find A Job

By · June 5, 2009 · Filed in Social Media, Twitter Tips · 1 Comment »

It is hard to believe that many more people will lose their jobs this year, when 70,000 lost them on Bloody Monday earlier this year. How can the rest of this year continue to look so bleak after a day like that? I also promised a close friend of mine that has been out of work for several months that I would write an article on creative ways to find work using the social networking site Twitter.


Here are some Twitter Tips for your job search:

1. Use your real name on Twitter (@NaomiTrower) or start another account with your real name if you want to separate your accounts
2. Use keywords for your particular job interest in your bio
3. Link your resume to your Twitter profile
4. Follow employers that interest you
5. Use Twitter Search and Twellow (Twitter Yellow Pages) to search recruiters & people in your field
6. Search for words like #recruiters, #employment, #jobshiring
7. Be careful what you tweet but be sure to tweet “Looking for opportunity in Real Estate Development and open to relocation” as an example
8. Use TweetBeep to get email alerts with job opportunities

I hope this list is helpful to you and feel free to pass this on to anyone that you know that can benefit from these tips. Can you think of any other tips that I might have left out? Be sure to comment below. Have a Twitterful Day! :)

Naomi Trower
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What is Twitter’s #Follow Friday?

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This question has been a hot topic on Twitter lately. The funny thing is that I’ve seen my twitter name @NaomiTrower (my business focus) and @FatLossMama (my fitness focus) on the #FollowFriday list for the past several weeks and didn’t really know what it was all about. I started my research on it and now I have the skinny!

#FollowFriday is adding your friends or recommendations of twitter friends for other people to follow. It is a promotion tool for your friends and its awesome because you tend to receive once you give in a great way. This helps to organically grow your followers as well as most people really like to return the favor.

When you click on #FollowFriday, you will see a list of tweets with all of the people that are recommended by all of the Twitterverse. It is also great to include a little blurb as to the reason to follow them as to give a little info about your  group recommendation. I’m going to start grouping my friends and recommendations for others to follow for great quotes for example or great topics or great entrepreneurial advice to give you an idea.

This will help people right away to know why they should follow certain people because most people want to follow certain types of people. So go have fun with #followfriday and other hot topics on twitter!

Naomi Trower
Internet Entrepreneur
“Teaching Others Social Media”

What Makes Twitter So Hot?

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Oh Twitter how I love thee! Let me count the ways…Although you might not hear those exact words said very often online, you know it’s true when you login to your Twitter account or visit someone’s blog.

With the emergence of WordPress plug-ins like TwitThis and the various twitter badges found on numerous blogs throughout the Internet, it is obvious people adore Twitter. Just what is it that makes this social networking site so lovable? Let’s find out.

The question posed by Twitter, “What are you doing?” has become almost as popular as AOL’s “You’ve got mail.” So much so that it has even caught the eye of offline news mediums such as USA Today, CNN, and ABC. This helps to make the application popular all on its own. Those who think Twitter is just a place for computer or Internet geeks can rest assured it’s nothing of the sort.

For many, Twitter is a way to interact with like-minded individuals. Whether one is a stay at home mom who craves adult conversation, an at home worker who misses the water cooler chit-chat from past jobs, or the business owner who wants to reach more of their target market, this form of social media fills a need. It makes it easier for people to connect with others in a way they might not have previously been able to in the past.

The fact Twitter is easily accessible and even simpler to navigate makes it a favorite as well. Anyone can create a twitter account of their own with nothing more than a user name and a password. Once that’s done, it’s easy to customize your profile and begin following other tweeps, as those who use Twitter affectionately call one another.

To follow what another person is doing, just visit their page and click the follow button. You’ve now been added as a follower and when you login to your account you will see their messages on your screen.

Twitter’s arrival has also lead to the creation of different platforms and applications to make it appealing to just about everyone. Popular applications include, TwitterFox, Twhirl, TweetDeck,TweetMyBlog, and TweetLater. TwitterFox and Twhirl give users who prefer the instant messaging look and feel a way to use Twitter in somewhat the same manner. TwitterFox is an extension for the Firefox browser and Twhirl is a desktop application.

TweetMyBlog is a way to automatically post updates from a user’s blog to Twitter. In order to use it all one needs is a Twitter account and an RSS feed from their blog. It will automatically posts a tweet using your account when your blog is updated.

TweetDeck is another desktop application that allows for more organization of updates. Instead of posting all a users tweets one right after another, it allows the user to organize tweets into separate columns within the application. For those who have customers and friends on Twitter this is a great feature. I was a little turned off by the initial black and gray desktop colors but easily changed the colors to fit my personality.

There are some newer applications such as TwitWall and MyTweetSpace. TwitWall allows you to customize your profile with video, pictures and bookmarking options. MyTweetSpace allows more design options for your profile. Check out some of these features and discover your favorites. I’m off to tweet with my tweeps!


Naomi Trower
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Twitter is All the Rage on Cell Phones

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th_twitter_logo_s2 blackberry-8830 th_twitter_logo_s4

Imagine you are in a conference where you just heard one of the most profound quotes and you want to tweet about it. Maybe you’re riding down the road and see the funniest billboards that you know will make your Twitter friends roll with laughter.

Oh wait; you don’t have your laptop. You do, however, have your cell phone. If only there was a way to tweet these and other things when you’re computer wasn’t available. Guess what, there is.

Your cell phone can be a powerful Twitter tool. There are many ways you can use it to benefit not only you, but your followers as well. With your cell phone you can continue to contact your friends and followers and they can tweet you as well. Your cell phone is a communication highway and with Twitter added to it,  it becomes a networking wonder.

There are many tools you can use to tweet from your cell phone. Depending on the type of phone you have, you can go mobile in a number of ways. Tools like Jott, Hahlo, Mobile Twitter, Thin Cloud Twitter, Twitter to Go, Twitter SMS, Twitter IM, and Twoble are all available for various cell phones and plans to help you tweet tweet away.

I personally love my Blackberry and I’ve been testing two Twitter applications, Twitterberry and TinyTwitter. I really love Twitterberry and I’m having a hard time finding things that I want to do using TinyTwitter. I give 2 thumbs up for Twitterberry! Now I’m never bored waiting for my doctor appointment or waiting for my kids to finish their music lesson, dance class or basketball practice.

Here are just two of the many cool ways to use any cell phone to harness the power or networking through Twitter:

If your phone has a mobile browser, you can go to and you are good to go. While this is not the best option, it is an option and it works. This is a simple tool that allows you to view Twitter from your cell phone and allows you to tweet back and let people know what you are doing as well.

Flurry is a mobile mail client/service. You can download the Flurry client on your phone seconds after you sign-up. Flurry, which started out as a service that would let you check e-mail on your cell phone has recently added a feature that allows you to add RSS feeds and read them on your mobile phone.

In case you did not know, you can set up RSS for all your favorite Twitter users. All you need to do is add RSS feeds generated by the Twitter accounts of your friends. The best part about it is that you don’t have to pay for anything – it’s free. If you want to send messages of your own from your cell phone letting people know what you’re doing, just use the SMS (texting) feature on your phone.

Your cell phone has so many capabilities and so does Twitter. By using the two together you have yet another way to utilize the power of social media. Of course you don’t want to drive and tweet at the same time but you can always pull over to the side of the road and tweet your ideas, thoughts, or updates away.


Naomi Trower
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Popular Twitter Plug-ins for WordPress Blogs

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WordPress is one of the main choices for a blogging platform on the Internet today. Twitter has quickly become the hottest micro-blogging application. So can you imagine what occurs when the two meet and marry? A partnership that creates a most wonderful thing – that’s what!

Well, maybe not wonderful but then again it all depends on how you look at it. With the proper plug-ins you can create an awesome social networking tool since both Twitter and WordPress are both strong contenders in the social media arena. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular Twitter plug-ins that you can use on your WordPress blog to create a social power house match made in heaven.

TwitThis is a simple way for people to send Twitter messages about your blog post. When visitors to your website click on the TwitThis button or link, it takes the URL of the webpage and creates a shorter URL using the TinyURL tool. Then visitors can send the shortened URL and a description of the web page to all of their friends on Twitter. Talk about word-of-mouth! The TwitThis button is a cute little button that you can add to the end of your blog posts making it readily available to your readers once they’ve finished browsing your post.

TweetMyBlog is a plug-in that will automatically announce your blog posts to your Twitter followers and include a link directly to the post. This plug-in will also include a sidebar widget that will pull in your latest tweets and link them back to your Twitter profile page. Finally the creators of this plug-in have an affiliate program that is available to every “TweetMyBlog” user.

TwitterFeed is a plug-in that allows you to simply promote your blog to your twitter followers. Much like TweetMyBlog, but not as extensive. You can customize the message that will announce your blog post to all your twitter pals. Again, a direct URL is provided in the tweet.

TwitterTools is a plug-in that creates an integration between your WordPress blog and your Twitter account. With TwitterTools you can pull your tweets into your blog and create new tweets on blog posts and also from within WordPress.

TwitterBadge is not so much a plug-in as it is a way for you to let others know that you are a user, maybe even addict – it’s ok we won’t tell, of Twitter. There are many badges from the cute little Twitter bird to the simple badge that basically says, “Hey, look at me. I Twitter too!” When people see your badge and click it, they’ll be taken to your twitter profile.

The bottom line – Twitter is the place to be online, but you may not always be able to be there as much as you would like. By using the above plug-ins you can automate your own WordPress blog and Twitter to create a beautiful traffic generator and a great way to connect with your tweeps.


Naomi Trower
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Twitter Viral Marketing Strategies

By · October 28, 2008 · Filed in Traffic Generation, Twitter Tips · 13 Comments »


Twitter, twitter, twitter…Everyone is asking What is Twitter? How do you use it? I’ve heard people say that they signed up but didn’t catch on to it. Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that allows its users to send and read other users’ updates (otherwise known as tweets), which are text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length.

Many people use this for fun to meet new people, some use Twitter to get traffic to their blogs or websites and some use Twitter to gain more knowledge from well known experts in a certain field. Here are some Twitter tips that I implement that brings me new followers every day.

1. Post Some Interesting Things Going on In Your Life – people are interested in learning more about you as a person.

2. Target your market by searching for your niche area – find and follow people of interest that you can learn and grow from in your niche market.

3. Join Professional Social Networking Sites – find the Twitter groups and write a blurb about yourself.  People that are interested will follow you.

4. Post a question with a poll – of course your poll will be on your website or blog but let everyone know that you have a poll.

5. Ask for help or direction in an area where you need clarification – people love to share their experience and knowledge to help others.

6. Don’t just post tweets, get involved with conversations – it may seem awkward at times but join in and respond to tweets. The more involved you are, the more friends that you will establish.

7. Review your followers and decide if you want to follow them back – some people may unfollow you if they feel you aren’t responsive or engaged. You don’t have to follow everyone but it’s a great idea to follow the ones that you feel would be a great asset to your knowledge base.

8. Sign up for TweetLater to help with automation – you can set it up where an instant thank you message is sent to all of your followers.

9. Post your Twitter link in your social networking sites like Myspace, Facebook (has an application that automatically shows all of your Twitter updates), LinkedIn, etc.

10. Search for a big name/successful person in your niche market – go to their followers list and start following them. Most of these people can be potential customers that are looking for more information. You can follow a max of 2000 people until 2000 people are following YOU. Then you can get past the 2000 mark.


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Also feel free to email me with Twitter questions.

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