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“Naomi, you are amazing! I thank God for meeting you. I was so impressed with the time that you spent with me. It was not only constructive and informative, but very professionally done. The information and training I received exceeded my expectation. I have spent thousands of dollars on traditional advertising and social media is definitely the wave of the future. I will not hesitate to refer you to my colleagues.”


Dianne Steffey
Texas Mortgage Broker

“Naomi’s social media ebook opened my eyes to new opportunities in marketing my business. Her guide helped me to understand how to make social media a working tool in my every day business plan. I really appreciate her advice to start w/certain social media sites initially and how she lays out a specific social media schedule to prevent us as Real Estate Professionals from being overwhelmed. I highly recommend her ebook for those of you looking for innovative new ways to market your real estate or mortgage business.”


Willie Overton
RE/MAX Beach Cities Realty
Licensed Broker & Notary Public
23 years of real estate experience

“Naomi’s ebook really provides a strategy for real estate professionals. I was convinced that Twitter was a waste of time for my business. My eyes were opened when she shared a particular site that helps you actually find potential clients and a strategy that allows you to be the local expert in all of the happenings in your particular city. Her ebook prompted me to dust off my Twitter account and get back to tweeting!”

Lori Fetrick
Realtor with John Aaroe Group

“Finally someone has written a concise, practical and very easy to understand guide to allow even the novice real estate agent to embark into the daunting but vital world of social media marketing. As someone who has recently embarked into this new media, I learned many very useful strategies from Naomi’s ebook for expanding my clientele through social media. This ebook is a must for anyone who wants to tap into this potentially explosive area of real estate marketing!”

Mark Mancini
RE/MAX of Valencia
Top 1% of Real Estate Agents Nationwide

“Naomi, thank you so much for sharing your Social Media ebook with me. Anyone who is in the business world either with a company or self employed needs to read and utilize the tools that you have shared in this ebook. It was full of knowledge, that went step by step to ensure that we recognize the power of social media and the importance that this marketing venue has and how it can make us become very successful in our perspective industries. I highly recommend this ebook for anyone and everyone who is trying to market themselves with a social media presence in order to be the best that they can be and take their success to the next level.”

Audrey McGill
Loan Officer
Prospect Mortgage


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